Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Small Town Basketball. Hoosiers style!

 Tonight a great friend of mine who is a high school basketball coach calls me and wants to know at the last minute if I want to go to a small town basketball game with him.  I seriously say to him...  "Does Pam Anderson have big tits?"  He then says.. "I'll pick you up in 10 minutes.  
   On our way we go!  We're going to see to programs that are from towns the size of 500 to 700 each.  That's including goats and pigs!  After talking to a few people and coaches we know, we finally settle into our seats.  On this night there will be two games.  It's a girl/boy double header.   The girls game was not to bad.  This is Class A basketball.  To be honest with you, it's not the greatest talent on the courts but it's fun to watch the hustle and determination from these fine female athletes.
   The home team wins a barn burner.  There was a few good players from both teams to make it fun to watch.  Nice win for the home team!  Now to the second game.  My partner and I get something from the concession stand.  Damn fine food in our opinion!  Sometime soon I will break down the best concession stands in the states high schools.
  We get back to our seats and watch warm ups.  The home team looks smoother in their warmups.  The visitors has a few good players to watch.  We've seen the scouting report and know what to look for.  The home team looks like it could be someone this season.  The visitor is going to have issues all year long.  
    With the home team, you have your "Jimmy Chitwood".  His name is Micheal.  This kid has all the potential in the world to play at a Division1 junior college (which isnt so bad!) or a nice Division III school.  The game starts and were off to the races.  Micheal decides he needs to score 15 of the teams first  25 points.  My lord above, he's damn good.  I've been watching high school basketball for over 30 years and he's one of the best small school players I've ever seen!
  It's halftime and the home team is kicking some major ass. Micheal has scored over 20 points for the half.  He's been rebounding and giving out assists left and right.  He's got a game I haven't seen in awhile.  Yes my friends.. He's good!  Damn good!  Here comes the second half and were waiting to see whats next.  Micheal is kicking ass once again.  He's looking good at every phase of the game.  He's doing things that a coach can't coach!  Once again... He's damn good!
   It's about over and the hometeam's coach brings in some subs.  Micheal has left the game with over 30 points.  8 rebounds.  6 assists.  6 steals.  Not a bad night for a kid that was raised in a small town competing with big town talent!    I've come to the conclusion that I will go and see this team again.  It's 10 minute drive that I will make without hesitation!  I know my beautiful wife would love to go.  She's as big of a sports moron as I am!
    Last but not least.  I can see Micheal being a first team all state selection.  This kid has the goods.  I also feel that if his team can work with him and his game, they could make the state tournament!  Go DOGS!

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