Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pubic Hair. Is it on it's way back?

  Back in the day if you were able to get into a girls pants it was promised that you would find a nice mound of hair to run your fingers through.  My lord above as a 14 to 15 year old boy you loved these times!  That's when you could be promised that if you were able to run your hand down a girls panties there would be a nice patch of hair to rub.
  If you were lucky, you'd have that one slut who would make sure to trim it up a lil bit so you could have some extra fun with her pussy.(vagina)  Now I've got to be hoenst with you here.  We actually didn't know what we were going to do when we got down to that nether region.  We were just happy as fuck we were able to get there!
  Then when we were able to get there on a frequent basis might be in for a treat.  Maybe your girlfriend would trim her lips or even better shave them bald.  None of that damn hair there to get in the way while you played.  Then as we got older more women decided to totally shave the hair off of there pussy lips.  Thats about 1990.  GOD bless em all for this move!
  You could be promised that they would still have that HUGE bush but them goddamn lips would be hair free.  About 1995 the BUSH girls decided to trim down the pubic area.  Bald lips and trim pubic area ruled the free world then.
  That was cool as fuck till about 2000.  Then the girls got a bit more nuttier.  They decided to go with the landing strip.  It's a trait that was aquired from Brazil.  You can either go completely bald or have a strip of hair down the middle of your pubic area.  Thats the landing strip.  Down the middle!
  Then here comes the late 2000's.  Every chick in the free world is shaving that motherfucker bald!  There aint a goddamn hair on the ole honey hole!  That fucker is smooth as a baby's ass!  Jesus they did a great job on taking care of the pussy with that!  My only problem is that I've got this ugly feeling when I look at a grown woman's bald pussy that I'm being evil and it might be an underage girl  THATS some wrong shit there!
   Now I'm seeing that there is a ton of bald pussy still out there.  Next thing you know I'm seeing more and more landing strips.  Sometimes I'm seeing a full blown bush because the girl thinks she's a fucking hippy!  I'm here to tell you that hippy pussy was bigger and badder!  That mother fucker could have had a goddamn garden and squirrel living in it!
    Next thing I know is I'm seeing some chicks going back to the landing strip.  THANK YOU ladies!  You trim away the fat and get to some serious meat.  For this, I applaud you!  Last but not least.  If your going to take the time to make your man happy with designer pussy, make sure to shave your asshole!  Nothing looks worse on a chick then a hairy asshole!

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