Thursday, December 16, 2010

Extreme Championship Wrestling. An art gone to soon.

 Eastern Championship Wrestling was started by Tom Gordon in Philadelphia, Pa.  His original booker was the legendary Eddie Gilbert.  By 1993 Paul Heyman became the booker.  His vision was so much different then rivals of the day.  The WCW and the WWF.  The wrestlers of the now ECW had day jobs.  The WWF and WCW had this egotistical douchebags who worked when the lights went up on the ring.
   First of all ECW was known for blood and sex.  Some of the bloodiest matches you will ever seen were fought in the ECW.  You had some of the most awesome matches to ever be seen.  What is now normal in the other promotions started in ECW.  "Tables, Ladders and Chairs" matches were of the norm in ECW.  "Barb-wire" matches were something that hadn't been seen before.  At this time, ECW was connected with the old "National Wrestling Association".  The NWA was a long standing promotion that brought you some of the greatest "pro wrestling" anywhere.
   In 1994 Shane Douglas won a tournament to become the new NWA Champion.  After winning the belt, he took it and threw it in a garbage can and declared himself the new ECW Champion.  This ECW Champion was now the "Extreme Championship Wrestling" champion.  You can thank Paul Heyman for the name change!  At this moment, a new company was born.  It was brash!  It was ballsy!  It was EXTREME!
   In 1995 Paul Heyman became the new owner.  He ran this company out of his mothers Philadephia home's basement.  Infact, he ran every thing out of the basement.  Wrestler interviews, promo's, video editing and countless other things.  Paul Heyman went the extra mile to make this work.
   Now I want to give you some of the names that worked for ECW.  This roster of superstars is simply put amazing!  You had hall of famer Terry Funk working for ECW.  He put on some of the best matches ever seen anywhere.
  Shane "The Franchise" Douglas.  The attitude of legend Ric Flair and the ability of a "true" wrestler.  Douglas could make any match look fantastic!  A heel with some of the best mic skills anywhere.
  The Sandman:  His whole ring entrance and persona was stolen by legend "StoneCold" Steve Austin.  The Sandman was a beer drinking motherfucker who kicked some ass with a cane!  Fantastic artist!
  Tommy Dreamer:  The only wrestler to be with the company from beginning till end.  He was a tough son of a bitch who had some tough times while working for ECW.  He was a baby face who was hated by the tough Philly crowd.  Before it was all said and done he won them over.  
   Sabu:  One of the most fierce wrestlers of all time.  This crazy fucker who is the nephew of "The Sheik" would do anything to make fans sit on the edge of their seats.  He would fly off of towers, work the ring in a barbed wire match.  He was and is the best bleeder of ECW history.
  Rob Van Dam:  Never won a world title in ECW but he is considered to be the best that ever set foot in the ring for this promotion.  Talented beyond any comparison.  He could have been a world champion for any promotion.  
   Tazz:  The "Human Suplex Machine".  In my opinion, the real reason I watched ECW.  His mic skills were unmatched.  His ring abilities were damn good and he put on one hell of a show.  His Brooklyn bad attitude was funny as fuck.  Simply my favorite ECW Superstar.
  We had big time bloody brawls.  We had big time superstars show up for matches.  This including:  Terry Funk, Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, The Dudley Boys, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Tito Santana, Public Enemy, The Road Warriors, Kevin Sullivan, Arn Anderson, Mick Foley, Dean Malenko, Tully Blanchard, Rick Stiener and the beautiful women of ECW that would do anything go get ratings.
  Were talking on PPV's how they would show some ass and tits.  GOD bless them and their tits.  How I wish ECW was still around.  There was nothing like coming home when I worked nights and finding ECW on a Friday Night.  It was a religion!  You never knew what was going to happen and you couldn't wait!
   We'd have parties for every pay-per-view.  Tons of friends throwing in some money to cover the CHEAP $19.99 ppv fee.  Food and beer everywhere.  Hell we even had women who loved ECW!  I sure miss them parties.  Eventually ECW had to sell out to Vince "cunt" McMahon.  It was for the best.  Paul Heyman could'nt keep up with the money situations.  Vince and his band of merry fags have ruined this promotion.  This is a true fact felt by many.  Long live the days of ECW and God bless Netflix for me being able to see some old PPV's

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