Wednesday, December 29, 2010


   Once again I'm going to remind you how much I love football.  Doesn't matter if it's high school, college or pro football.  This is the greatest "game" going today in my opinion.
     My wife and I are sitting down watching tonights Alamo Bowl match up between Arizona and Oklahoma State University.  Were watching intently when all of a sudden an OSU player is flagged for putting down the hammer on a receiver of Arizona.  About that time my wife looks at me with that "what the fuck?" look.  
    She's says.. "You've got to be kidding me!"  "Thats how you play football!"  I couldn't agree more!  I've been noticing more and more this season defensive players getting flagged for hammering an opponent into the turf.  In the NFL they are getting fined thousand upon thousands of dollars for doing their jobs.
    What is the problem here?  Are the offensive players turning into pussies?  Are they to worried about their looks and maybe losing millions in endorsements?  The biggest bitch is that defensive players are supposedly "head hunting" their opponents.  I call bullshit on that talk.  
    They are worried about helmet to helmet shots happening.  I can understand that with a passion.  My problem is when a receiver comes down with a reception and a linebacker or defensive back is near them.  While the defender is in mid stride to make the hit, the receiver in 75% of the cases crouches down.  This is when helmet to helmet contact happens!  It's not the defenders fault if the receiver shits his pants and starts to lay down on the field.
     If a defender blatantly takes a receiver's head off with out care of their well being, then flag the motherfucker.  If in the NFL fine them as much money as possible and take their first born child.  That shit's uncalled for!  Just do me a favor and stop trying to take away the defensive players aggressiveness.  You will do nothing but ruin the game and you will have more and more high scoring games then ever.  What wins championships?  Great Defense!

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