Monday, December 27, 2010

Concussions in the NFL!

What's up with all of the concussion's going on in the NFL?  In the last few years, the NFL has been concerned about concussions.  In fact, they've changed helmet designs.  That's cool as fuck but all we hear about anymore in the NFL is concussions!!
   The NFL has changed helmet designs along with high schools and colleges.  The goal is to limit concussion's with the new designs.  Guess what?  We're seeing more concussion's in the NFL then ever before!!  Colleges and high schools don't report them like the pro's do but my god how come so many more concussions?
    In the NFL, they are having concussions more and more each and every week.  It seems like a defensive lineman farts around a quarterback and the next thing you know he's got a concussion!  We've got one of two things going on.  It's either the helmets are shit or we've got pussy for athletes!  I watched the other day as an NFL quarterback was sacked and taken down to the turf.  He was hit hard mind you but it wasn't any thing major.  Next thing I know he's going out of the game because he was hit hard and might have a mild concussion.  What the fuck people?  
     My concern is that we are going to see more and more concussions because of these new helmets.  This new style helmet was supposed to be the answer to every one's concussions.  It's a fact that hasn't happened!  I guess what I'm bitching about is that it's time to go back to the other style of helmet that we used before!  It's time to figure out the problem people at the NFL!  Sometimes "new" shit isn't the best answer my friends!

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