Friday, December 10, 2010

What's going on with Miley?

A new video of "pop" superstar Miley Cyrus has surfaced on television show TMZ.  It show's Cyrus taking a hit from a bong.  What's in the bong is a substance called "saliva" which is legal in the state of California.  Miley's father former one hit country music wonder Billy Ray Cyrus tells every one that he is sorry for her actions.
  Miley just turned 18 years old and is trying to live life large.  Her father Billy Ray Cyrus was a one time country music singer with a one hit wonder of a song called "Achy Breaky Heart".  
  Miley was the superstar from the Disney factory.  The same factory who made Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lavato, The Jonas Brothers and countless other kid superstars.
   The U.S. Drug Enforcement calls "saliva" is a drug of concern.  Even though it's legal in California, it's being investigated very intensely.  Saliva can be described as a "powerful consciousness-mind altering drug.  While listening to "Bush's" song "I don't want to come back down from this cloud" we watch Miley hit this bong like a champion.  You can tell it's not her first time ever doing something like this.  
   After her huge hit off of the bong, you can hear her say... "Having a little bit of a bad trip".  Hmmmm  I guess she knows what a trip is then.  The person filming the scene from her phone can be heard saying... "Tell us whats on your mind."  Tell us whats on your mind girlfriend."  "Talk to me" Talk to me."  
   Then Cyrus can be seen looking at someone while laughing her ass off asking if the person she's looking at is her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend Liam.  That has to be Liam she says.   It's not Liam.    The video ends with Cyrus talking some sort of gibberish bullshit real fast.  Fade to black!
  Now to my rant.  We all know that 18 year old kids are going to party.  They are going to test the boundries of life.  This we know is a fact.  My problem is this... Where the fuck are Miley's parents?  Are they to busy with their own lives to know whats going on with their kid?  Where were they when Miley was posting scandalous pictures on her "MySpace" site?  Where were they when Miley was hanging out half nude in a hot tub with the fag Jonas Brothers?
  I guess to busy taking care of business back at home.  Fuck that!  Be a goddamn parent!  Check yourself and check on your fucking kids!  Oh that's right!  Miley's mother was go busy sucking former Poison lead singer Bret Micheals cock to even care about Miley!  One word for you bitch.  WHORE.
   Ya'll need to get together and take care of this shit!  I know your going through a divorce and shit but you need to check your kid!  Check her now!  If you don't take care of it now, your going to see her pussy spread all over the goddamn internet.  Your going to find sex video's of her just like Britney and Lindsay Lohan.  It's your call parents!  Either fix this now or find her in rehab before she's 21 years old.    Once again!  It's your call parents!

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