Monday, December 6, 2010

A problem with the BIGXII vs. BIG10

  The "Insight.Com Bowl" is played every year in Tempe, Arizona.   It usually pits a BIG10 team against a BIGXII team.  These two opponents are usually around 4th place in their respective conferences.  Next year Nebraska joins the BIG10 Conference after being in the BIG8 and BIGXII for over the last 40 years.  Nebraska says that this move is all about making the University of Nebraska a better place for academics.  BULLSHIT!
   Here's my bitch.  I think the BIGXII Conference is trying to fuck over Nebraska in it's last year.  Trust me when I say this shit.  I hate Nebraska!  I have hated that school since I was able to say the word cocksucker. (Meant for Tom Osborne!)  This school makes me want to puke up asswipe!  That is till I met the University of Iowa.  I love my Iowa State Cyclones.  I love them with a passion.  The reason I started watching the Clones was I couldn't stand the sight of any Hawkeye fans.  They can all suck my cock.
   My wife and I have had season tickets for years to the Cyclones.  We watch each and every year either a Husker game at home or a Hawk game.  We fucking hate both of them!  I've come to the conclusion that Hawk fans are more pricks then Husker fans.  My boss is a Hawk fan.  He don't know shit about shit but he thinks he knows the Hawks.  He's a first class Hawk fan.  A fucktard!
   I've been to both stadiums.  I have to admit this though.  Husker fans are more gracious.  They know the game better.  They know how to win better.  Hawk fans are still fags.  This year Nebraska decides to leave the BIGXII.  They are going to join the BIG10.  Now here's where it gets funny as fuck.  Iowa goes 7-5 on the season.  It's a shit season for the Hawks.  I love it!  Nebraska goes 9-4.. Not to goddamn bad for their last season in the BIGXII.  They made the BIGXII Championship game against Oklahoma.  Great game.  Sooners get lucky and win!
   Now the bowl bids come out.  Nebraska goes to the Holiday Bowl to face Washington.  A team they kicked the shit out of earlier in the season by 35 points.  Iowa has to play Missouri which is ranked 14th in the nation at the Insight.Com Bowl.    Now here's where it gets interesting.  If you look at the records and what the bowls wanted, it should have been Iowa vs. Nebraska in the Insight.Com Bowl.
   The problem is.. HAHAH  Rumor has it.. THE BIGXII didn't want Nebraska playing in the Insight.Com Bowl against Iowa because they were afraid it would become a BIG10 Infomercial during the whole broadcast.  I can see that.  SO I LOVE IT!  I hate Nebraska and Iowa!  They can wait till next season to start their rivalry!  FUCK EM TILL THEN!
    TO top it all off, everytime Iowa plays Nebraska, I will be rooting GO BIG RED!!!!

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