Thursday, December 2, 2010

The True Meaning of Christmas

  I've got a gal I work with that occasionally reads this blog.  She finds them informative and sometimes funny.  That's always my goal.  She does tell me that I can't blog about anything I want though.  I ask what she means.  She tell's me that I need real substance to my blog.  I ask her for help with what to write.  She gives me a few ideas.  Here's the first one.
   Tonight I write about the "True Meaning of Christmas".  If you don't know what Christmas is, let me give you some information about it.  December 25th is Christmas day.  Thats the day God's only son was born.  His name was and is Jesus Christ.  Hence Christmas. On this day, we celebrate the birthday of Jesus.  Or as I like to say in spanish.  Jesus.
   Over the years, celebrating Christmas has gotten more commercial.  Some people have lost the "True Meaning of Christmas".  All they care about is making sure that they give and receive some of the really cool gifts during the holiday season.  Wanna know what I think?  Fuck that shit! Sure, I give and receive presents each and every year.  I don't go over board though.
   We need to start thinking about what Christmas is again.  It's the celebration of Jesus like I just said.  How about for Christmas, we help someone?  You know maybe work at a free meal site.  How about helping that homeless person get a leg up?  What about that single mother who's working her ass off to make ends meet and can't afford something for her beautiful child?  Do we just stand by and watch?  Fuck no we don't!
   What if we help raise money to give a family a nice meal for the holiday's?  Wouldn't that be a nice thing to do?  Fuck yes it would be!  Wouldn't it be Jesus like if we got a coat for a small child?  Lord above knows it's one cold motherfucker  in late December and January!
   What if we buy some groceries for a little old lady who's living alone with no loved ones near?  That would be pretty much Jesus like!  How about buying that little old man who's all alone during the holiday's a cup of coffee?  I think he'd appreciate it.  He'd feel some love.
   What i'm trying to say is... "The true meaning of Christmas" means to think of others and their needs before your own.  Think of your fellow man and what you can do for them.  It's that simple people!

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