Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The life and times of the vagina.

  We as men are pretty much stupid.  I don't care if your the President of the free world.  I don't care if your a diplomat with international concerns.  I don't care if your a CEO of the largest bank in the world.  If your a male you are stupid!  I can honestly say that I'm a brick shy of being a full blown retard.
   Wanna know what makes us so stupid?  The VAGINA!  It's that simple.  The vagina will make a grown man cry.  Make a grown man steal.  Make a grown man squeal.  Make a grown man kill.  Make a grown man die.  The vagina rules some man's life each and every day.
  Ton's of wars have been won for vagina's.  Tons of wars have been lost over a vagina.  People talk about the vagina with a smile on their faces.  Vagina's can make a sick man feel good.  Vagina's can make you forget your blues.  I put vagina's next to holiness. God Bless The Vagina!
   The vagina can make you rich!  The vagina can make you broke!  You listening up boys?  This fucker rules the world as we know it!  Now it's time for some quotes and facts about the ever so famous vagina.
  Vagina: Something you come out of when your born and then spend the rest of your life trying to get back into.
  Vagina: The best engine in the world.  It can be started with one finger.  It takes any sized piston.  It changes it's own oil every 4 weeks.  It is only a pity that it's management system is so tempermental!  The vagina is a machine!
  Vagina:  "Dude 1"  Hey look!  I'm looking up vagina on "Urban Dictionary!"  "Dude2"  "Tool"
  Vagina:  Two friends sitting around remembering old times.  "Remember when we used to hang out and play ball all the time?"  "What happened?"  Other friend.  "We discovered pussy"
  Vagina:  Her pussy was so tight she can only give birth to paper dolls.
  Vagina:  Her pussy was so big there were bats hanging from her clitoris.
  Vagina:  Her pussy smelled so bad CSI wouldn't even go near it!
  Vagina:  Dude1 "David is such a vagina!"  Dude2 "I think the term is cunt.  Dude1 "Same shit different smell!
    I'd be a very rich man if it weren't for a vagina.  "I bet your mom's vagina tastes like warm apple pie!"
     Last but not least about vagina's.  A quote from a friend!    
        "I havent seen pussy in seven years!  I've had vagina!  I hate vagina!  I came out of a vagina and as soon as I got out, I said:  "Man I need some pussy!" Married women don't have pussies!  Married women have vagina's!  GOD BLESS PUSSY!

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