Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Internet dating. (Lord help us all!)

  You ever know that person who's life was and is full of shit and they have no way of getting out of it?  I know that person!  She's a fucking idiot.  She has no clue about life.  She thinks that if you dream upon a dream that things in life can change.  Ummmmm Fuck no retard!  They can not change just like that!
   She's claiming that life is grand because she's getting some cock from another county.  She tells people that they met trough a mutual friend. I've got one thing to say.  BULLSHIT!  Who in their right mind would recommend this cunt?  She can't even pay her bills.  Infact she just got arrested for being an idiot!
   She had multiple traffic tickets.  She had multiple parking tickets.  Thats o.k.  Shit happens.  Problem is..  Stupid cunt wouldn't pay her bills!  Then one day ( I died laughing here! )  She gets arrested for having these outstanding tickets.  The state decided that she had a suspended license because she wouldn't pay her bills.  This makes sense to me!  Uh OH!  Her just as dumb cunt daughter has the same problem but she hasn't been caught yet!  
    Now after her arrest we're to the point of her contribution to society.  She get's fined over $900.00 dollars and has to put in 55 hours of public service.  Here's where I laugh my ass off. This stupid cunt can't even get to work on time.  How in God's name is she going to get to public service on time?  I can't wait till her daughter get's picked up for the same thing!  I'm going to die laughing at this also.
   Now we notice she's dating some dude.  Obviously he must be either a retard or really desperate.  I guess she can suck some major cock.  From what I hear she taught her daughter well.  Back to the idiot!  She's got this dude fooled for a tiny bit.  He's eventually going to figure out that she's a money sucking cunt who will in a really short time ruin him.  If I could reach him, I'd let him know whats going on!  
   I've come to figure out that she met this idiot on the internet.  God bless the world wide web.  We've got moron's out there sucking in other moron's for a relationship.  This poor bastard has no idea whats going on.  I truly feel sorry for him!  
   Here's my solution..... NEVER EVER offer the internet to run down whores.  Let them pay there bills like everyone else.  Never ever let them pull poor useless bastards into their lair.  She must be able to suck start a goddamn Harley Davidson!  Otherwise she's one useless cunt that needs to end themselves.   People who scour the internet.  Do me this favor!!  Do a background check.  Lord knows this silly bastard is fucked for the rest of his life.  He could leave her tomorrow and she'll haunt his ass till the day he dies!  BACKGROUND CHECKS idiots!  I don't care how much cum she can take down her throat!  BACKGROUND CHECKS!  She's going to bring down your bank account!
  I don't care if she likes ass fucking!  Get a background check!  I don't care if she likes someone to fuck her mouth as you pull beads out of her ass!  Get a goddamn background check!  The internet is a great thing till it becomes a place for retards to meet!  Get the fucking background check before your paying her tickets off!

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  1. Dude, why did you have to go and put a picture of your ex-girlfriend on there!