Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Resolutions.

  It's that time of year.  It's when you reflect on the past year and wonder what you can do to make next year better for you and your family. So, I guess it's time for a New Year's Resolution.  I've been studying the top 10 and here's what I've found with my take on them.  Enjoy!
    10.  Get organized:  I am organized!  I've got all my shit in the corner where it should be.  On my desk at work is all of my shit piled on top of each other.  Thats how I organize!  Don't fuck with my stuff and all is well.
    09.  Help others:  In my line of business, that's all I do.  It's all about helping others.  I've got to be honest here.  After a while of helping others all the time, it's time to help myself.
    08.  Learn something new:  This is one I actually love to each and every year.  This last year I learned some spanish. (the dirty phrases only)  I learned some new cooking recipe's.  I love this resolution!
                                           07.  Get out of debt:  I can deal with this one.  The wife and I make great money but there are times when we are wondering how we are going to pay for somethings.  To the welfare cocksuckers who spend their money on stupid shit like basketball tickets and such, I hope ya'll get deeper in debt and have all of your shit taken away.
                                          06.  Quit drinking:  Ummm.  That aint happening!  How do you think I get inspired to blog like a champion?  With a tad bit of the bubbly people!
                                           05.  Enjoy life more:  I can deal with this one.  Sometimes we get stressed out over nothing or over something.  That's going to happen.  Maybe it's time to kick back and get your groove on.  Smell the roses and such.  Enjoy life to it's fullest.  This is another reason I drink.  To enjoy life more!
                                           04.  Quit smoking:  I don't smoke so fuck you.
                                           03.  Tame the bulge:  I've got to be honest here.  At 5'10" 123lbs I don't worry about the bulge.  Infact I might eat and drink more this next year!
                                           02.  Fit in fitness:  I'm built like a brick shit house so I'm not going to worry about this one!
                                           01.  Spend more time with family and friends:  What the fuck?  If i'm not working, I'm spending time with my family!  I need to spend more time with my friends who drink and are fat.  If they are fatter then me, it makes me feel better and I don't have to drink as much to help my self esteem.   
                                           I hope ya'll have a great New Year!

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