Saturday, December 4, 2010

4 Million are set to lose Unemployment Benefits.

  A vote in Congress is looming whether to extend unemployment benefits.  Over 4 million could lose all benefits if this doesn't pass. I've said it before and I will say it again.  I'm a independent when it comes to politics.  I like to see it from both sides before I judge and let my feelings be known.  
  Well, it's time for my feelings to be known.  I feel we need to help the people who need help.  What I mean about this is..  We have families living in America today that have been shredded by being either laid off or outright fired due to company cutbacks. 
  Our economy right now is shaky but getting better each and every day.  This should get corporate America back on it's feet sometime soon.  The problem now is that people are losing their unemployment benefits.  Most people have been extended up to a total of 99 weeks for unemployment.  Now it's time to cut them loose.  Here's my solution.  We know there are plenty of people out there needing help.  This is a true fact.  What about the fuckheads who are abusing the unemployment system?  What do we do with them?  Cut them fuckers off as fast as we can I say!
  We've got people out there scamming the USA government for every dime they can.  I personally know a guy who is working full time but telling the unemployment people that he has no job.  He's filling out his paper work every week saying that he's looking for a job.  That's a lie! This I know for a fact.  This fucker should be in prison.  Only problem is... We have overcrowding in all of our prisons.  Guess what I would do?  Make him take care of his shit on his own!   That means if he's been scamming the system, then he needs to pay it back now!  If he's able to keep a job, then he needs to take half of his take home income and pay it back to the government!  
   If by chance he loses his job and still owes money to the government, then he's on his own.  Maybe eating cat food will make him change his ways.  Maybe living in a fucking car or even better a goddamn cardboard box will make him see the way.  If not, I guess he dies.  It's as simple as that folks!  Either pay your way or die.  
   What about the fuckers who don't want to work?  Let them fuck off!    I know a gal who's expecting her first child.  She's young.. She's like 22 years old and lives with a man.  She works her ass off putting in 40 to 45 hours per week at a dead end job.  She's a great gal who wants to better herself.  Problem is.. Her "man" won't get off of his dead ass and get a fucking job. 
   I know this is going to sound cruel and all but it's time to cut of this son of a bitch from his benefits.  Maybe with a baby on the way he'll get his shit together.  If not, maybe she'll get fed up with his shit and tell him to hit the fucking highway.  What I'm saying is that the unemployment people need to make sure shit is right with the benefits.  Have people actually checking who's looking for a job or who's scamming the system!  Get this shit right.  I know George W. Bush fucked this country up but by God above we can straighten it up if we only try to make good!
  I hate to see people losing an income but we as a nation need to figure out what's going on with the scamming.  It's like welfare scamming that I bitch about.  You catch them scamming, then you take away the benefit.  If they can't get a job or find some way to make it, I'm sorry. I guess your homeless and needing to kiss some ass for a meal.  Maybe everyone that is on benefits will finally get a fucking work ethic.    Maybe we need to have the attitude of the 1800''s.  Make your own way!  
   In the 1800's you either had to figure out what to do with yourself and family, or you died.  You built your own houses.  You farmed your own land to eat.  You raised your own cattle to eat or sell to someone who wanted to eat.  You took hefers and milked them for drink.  You made life!  It's that fucking simple people!  
   Get rid of the scammers and start taking care of people who need it most.  Take each and every case and work from there.  I have a feeling that the next thing you know we are going to start having soup kitchens again.  We don't need that but it might be the only thing to help. Good luck to each and every person who is going to have benefits cut off.  I guess you can always work at McDonalds or something.  ITS A JOB!  JUST DO IT!

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