Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bullying! A secret society.

OK, whats up with all of this bullshit bullying going on in today's society?  It's getting really fucking stupid.  Especially at the middle and high school level.  My lord above you've got kids killing themselves over this fucking bullshit!  
    We've got bullying from straight up calling a person names in the hallways of schools.  We've kids getting on their cell phones calling around and starting rumors.  That my friends is a form of bullying!  We've got the internet now which is the worst form of social entertainment.  This medium can ruin a child within 5 minutes!
   There's a problem with kids being kids.  I don't give a flying fuck if a kid is a goddamn genius, he can still be as fucked up as any retard out there.  With his/her brains they love to fuck with the weak.  They can and do make shy, slower, ugly, lower social economic kids feel like fucking shit!  Here's the funny thing about these kids.  They are pretty much cowards!  They can't pick on a kid alone.  They have to bring in anywhere from 2 to 20 other kids to pick on the said child.
    They make this kid feel so bad that they have no other way out.  They can go to teachers.  They can go to clergy people.  Most don't!  Most teachers are to busy dealing with between 100 to 400 other students.  Most clergy people don't give a fuck either way.  They are to busy preaching to gospel while collecting a paycheck.  
    What these kids need to do is go to school administrators!  If these "so-called" head honcho's don't do anything it's time to go to the school board.  Unless your dealing with my school board.  You have 3 out of 5 members who don't give a fuck unless it's about their kids.  Here's my worry.  With this bullying, were going to find a local kid dead.  He or she is going to commit suicide because of spoiled ass cocksucking kids being fucking cunts to other kids.
   Who cares if some kid isn't as goodlooking as another kid.  Who cares if some kid doesn't come from a "RICH" home!  Who cares if these kids aren't jocks!  You worthless pieces of shit who bully need your asses kicked up and down the street.  If your parents are backing you, they need their fucking asses hurt also!
   I will say this.  If this happens to my child, I will own the school system!  I will own the bully's parents and whatever they should happen to own.  People get your shit together and be kind!  It's that fucking simple!

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