Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My wish for Christmas.

  It's the Holiday Season.  I don't give a shit if you call it "Holiday Season" or if you call  it "Christmas Season".  It's still a season of meaning.  There is a reason for the season as they say.  This is the Lord Jesus Christ was born to save our souls.  I believe this to be true.  If you don't believe this, thats your own belief.  I'm not here to talk shit to anyone over it.
   My problem which I've bitched about before is the needy of this land of ours.  We have people who can't pay their goddamn electric bills.  We have people living in their goddamn cars.  We have people eating fucking cat food for dinner.  It's a problem everywhere in the United States of America.
   The small town I live in has a homeless problem.  This I know for sure.  I've seen it.  The place where I work is a retail place.  We buy and sell good each and every day.  I watched a young lady come into the store today to buy something essential for her family.  Coming along with her is her beautiful daughter of the age of 5 to 6 years old.  They look at some merchandise and the little lady asks her mother if she can have it.  The mother then tells her that there is no way they can afford it and they will be lucky if Santa even shows up this year.
   Now with my heart breaking I decide it's time to make a difference.  Why don't we who are more fortunate give at least $1.00 per day to help the less fortunate?  If we can at least give one family per year a leg up that would make a world of difference.  Why not help someone with some heat assistance? 
   Why not help someone with a Christmas meal?  Why not help Santa deliver some packages to a little girl on Christmas day?   If you can read this, your reading this on the internet.  If you can afford the internet, you can afford to give during this holiday season.  Trust me when I'm saying this people.  Sometimes I have a hard time making end's meet.  I'm helping a daughter get through college.  I've got bills to pay at home.  I've got a 14 year old kid still living with me.  I've got bills to pay!  I've still got enough money to help someone else who is less fortunate!  
   Let's make a difference!  Let's put a smile on someone's face.  Let's make a little girl smile as she is opening her Christmas presents!  

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