Monday, December 13, 2010

The Truth About the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Recently Iowa Hawkeye all time leading receiver Darell Johnson-Koulianos was for running a "drug house" in Iowa City, Iowa.  Hawkeye head coach Kirk Ferentz acted swiftly and kicked Johnson-Koulianos off the Hawkeye football squad.
  News released today is that runningback Jewel Hampton was "supposedly" leaving the team.  He's going to find a new place to play.  It's also been said that Hampton refused to take a drug test.  Chances are that Kirk Ferentz let him save face and tell the public he was leaving on his own accord.  
  It's been reported that runningback Adam Robinson has been suspended from the team for "failing to comply with team expectations and policies".  It's been reported that Robinson "failed" his drug test and this is strike #2 against him.  When Johnson-Koulianos was arrested a laptop computer was seized.  On this computer was a list of people he was supplying various forms of drugs too.
   Another report says from this list you can expect up to 20 football players to be either suspended or have their scholarships revoked completely.  This situation has gotten so bad that the bookmakers in Las Vegas have pulled the bowl game against Missouri off the board.  Now that means something!  You don't just pull a bowl game off the bettors board.  That is never EVER heard of!
   The inmates have taken over the prison people!  These fucking spoiled ass rotten piece of shit athletes are writing their own rules.  It's time to pony up fuckheads!  I would give my left nut to be able to do the things that these young men (pussy's) can do.  They get to go to school for free.  They get to live free.  They get to eat for free.  They get to see the country for free.  They get a monthly stipend to play the game of football.  This isnt to fucking difficult boys!
  Play the game.  Go to classes.  Pass your classes.  Do good by man and do not act a fool!  Simple rules to live by in my opinion.  This isn't fucking rocket science.  Get the goddamn job done and move on.  This didn't happen in Iowa City, Iowa.  Infact, nothing happened in Iowa City.  The inmates ran the prison and the warden let them do it.  In this instance Kirk Ferentz is the warden and he my friends turned a blind eye to every under handed situation in the program.
   The Iowa Hawkeye Football program has joined a nice group of schools to be associated with.  The University of Alabama with Paul "Bear" Bryant as head coach.  The Crimson Tide boys had to work their collective asses off each and every day at practice but when the sun went down it was party central in Tuscaloosa.  Do not make the program look bad Bryant always said.  If that happened kiss your ass goodbye!
   Barry Switzer and the Oklahoma Sooners.  Known all over the college football world as cheaters but as some bad ass motherfuckers also.  Brian Bosworth and his fellow team mates carried Uzi's and AK7's for Christs Sake!  Jimmy Johnson and his Miami Hurricanes.  Getting ready for the National Championship and they get off the plane wearing camo's!  They started a fight at pre-game gala with the other team.  THUGS!  Simple plain ass fucking thugs.
   How about Lou Holtz who cheated at every school he ever coached?  Lou was smart though.  As soon as it got hot he got his lisp talking ass out of the kitchen.  All of these coaches and programs were winners.  Infact they have been national champions.  Kirk Ferentz talks a good game but he can't carry the jock of these famous cheating coaches.  He only wishes he could be able to atleast sniff them.  Kirk your a fucking joke.
   What I want to see posted in the media is your players class schedule's.  I remember when Ronnie Harmon played runningback for Iowa and you were an assistant coach there.  Harmon's class schedule included (serious here!) underwater basketweaving.  What the fuck is going on here?!?  You've turned your head once to many Kirk.  If you can't see it, it must not have happened eh?  Well it's time to start policing your fucking program son!  
  Better yet asshole.  RESIGN now.  Get your overpaid ass out of Iowa now.  Take your assistants with you also.  Norm Parker.  Theres a joke.  He can't coach.  He's to crippled up to be a viable asset to your program.  Get his one legged ass on the next plane to a private nursing home somewhere.  Ken O'Keefe.  Enough said.  His offense's are pathetic.  He needs to go into teaching some remedial reading at some high school.  Fucking pathetic!
    Kirk resign.  It's either that or your going to get ran out of town for your shit program.  Hell Kirk, your barely over .500 with your winning percentage.  Get over yourself Kirk and LEAVE NOW!

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