Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welfare Whores! Merry Christmas.

  To all of you welfare whores in America, I want to wish you a fantastic Merry Christmas.  Thank you for letting my wife and I work our collective asses off so you and your bastard children can have the newest toys and the brightest, shiniest government paid housing.  
    Thank you for spreading your legs over and over again so that you can bring kids into this world to feed off of me and millions of other hard working Americans.  You are deeply appreciated!!  Thank you for making me work harder with more hours away from my family as you buy your bastard child anything and everything it wants.  I guess my family and children can go without.  
    Thanks for being a Cancer to society as your fat ass sits at home doing nothing except receiving free food, shelter, insurance and clothing while my family and I have to scrape along with what we have.  You are an insperation!  Thanks for being a model citizen.  As government stats show, most of you are drug abusers with a tendency to be straight up fuck ups.  At one time or another, you will spend time in some sort of jail setting.  Wanna know why?  Because your whores!
   Welfare whores are most likely to follow in the footsteps of their parents or guardians that have brought them up.  Thank you to the people who have taught these pieces of shit to suck the every loving life out of our country with their laziness!  Merry Christmas to your rotten asses!  To the whores who have taken and taken as they've taken.  Fuck you!  To the mothers of the whores who go to work and do absolutely nothing but be in the way of the real workers, I honestly hope your life is a living hell someday.
   I want to thank your welfare whore asses for taking away from the children, grandchildren, parents, brothers and sisters this holiday season because your a piece of shit.  These people deserve so much better but I guess your welfare whore asses are selfish as fuck.  Thanks a bunch!  Let our kids and families go without!  Thats the way to be!
    To the whores who get a free college education and can afford to buy presents with her government check each month while my child has to pay her own way to school and can't afford to buy anything but a fucking pack of gum, Thank you!    To the people who back all of the welfare whores I want you to line up and buy my family Christmas gifts.  If you feel it's right for these two bit cunt whores to prosper for getting knocked up after a good night of drinking or doing drugs, you can get my family gifts!
    To all of you pieces of shit that keep collecting foodstamps, I say fuck you!  My family and I have to work our asses off to afford a turkey for Christmas.  We have to work our asses off to afford to put on a Christmas dinner while you get your shit free because you choose to spread your legs and fuck any stranger in the area!  Once again I want to thank you for being whores!  People are starving but still trying to make ends meet and your sitting your fat asses at home doing nothing making and getting more then these people even thought about of!
    Thanks for telling people who hate you granny that your grandchild is the next Messiah!  People laugh at your fat ass each and everyday.  My answer for the new year is this.  Get a fucking job and try to make a difference in today's society.  If you can't do that, then leave this world.  I don't give a fuck if you kill yourself.  LEAVE!  Your a parasite!  No one likes you or your style of living.  Trust me when I say this dumb cunts!  Otherwise, enjoy yourself spending my money on your bastard kids.  Merry Christmas welfare whores!  May your lives be full of shit down the road!  May you learn what it's like to work for a living.  May you just go away!

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