Monday, December 6, 2010

The Day The Music Died.

   On October 9th 1940 in Liverpool, England music as we know it today was born.  John Winston Lennon was born that day.  He and his band mates Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr changed modern rock/blues/pop music forever.
   His first band "The Quarrymen" eventually evolved into the greatest band of all time... "The Beatles".  Lennon and McCartney would become the most successful song writing duo of all time.  From 1963 to about 1969 "The Beatles" were the most successful pop/rock band going. Only "The Rolling Stones" also of England could compare.  John was married at a young age to Cynthia in 1962 before "The Beatles" were able to take off.  Out of this union came a son named Julian.  (Paul McCartney eventually wrote a song for Julian called, "Hey Jude")
   The Beatles worked their collective asses off to get somewhere in the recording industry.  They mostly toured Europe in the early years.  Mostly in Germany where they learned about drug use.  "Speed" was what made the Beatles work harder, faster, longer.  It was after awhile touring Europe, manager Brian Epstien found the group.  With his expertise, he made "The Beatles" what they are today!  HUGE!
    1966 Lennon met his future wife Yoko Ono.  She was avant garde artist with what was called "weird" tastes in art.  Lennon was attracted from the start.  2 years later after Lennon divorced his wife Cynthia he married Ono.  It's then when the Beatles fell apart.  Most people want to blame Yoko Ono for the "breakup" of the greatest band of all times.  Lennon will tell you he was pretty much bored with Paul McCartney.  Feeling he and his other bandmates were playing second fiddle to McCartney.
   Now the fun begins.  Lennon and his friends were always into the drug scene.  Wanting to "explore" where he could take his mind using LSD.  He'd tell you that some of his best music was written while high on LSD.  Personally, I do believe it was.  About 1970 or so, John and Yoko decided it was time to "Give Peace a Chance".  They had "bed ins", they had parties to discourage the Vietnam War.  Infact, John was being followed by the FBI.  Phones were bugged.  They were personally followed and all of their actions were being noted J.Edger Hoover and President Richard M. Nixon.  Both were afraid John would fuck up the USA's childrens minds with is music and his ideals.
   John and Yoko mellow out some.  Smoke a little weed.  Drop some acid now and then.  Drink like fucking idiots!  Out of all of this, they made unreal music.  We'll, he did.  A few albums later and now he's raising his son Sean in a beautiful place in New York City called "The Dakota."  It was there that Mark David Chapman met John one evening after Yoko and him got done recording an album.  It was there were on December 8th 1980 Mark David Chapman killed John Winston Lennon.  It was there were the music died.
   I was a young age of 13 years old.  I can still remember what I was doing when it was announced that John had passed away.  I was watching Monday Night Football when Howard Cosell announced it.  I remember looking around and wanting to cry.  But at 13 years old what the fuck do you do?  All I could do was sit around for about a week and watch people mourn over this giant of music.  All I did was made sure that I played every John Lennon/Beatles music that I owned.  At that time, I pretty much owned everything he had ever recorded.
    All I can say 30 years later is.... On that day, the music as we knew it, died.  A man of wisdom about alot of things died.  A generation of young and old died that day.  Thank you John Winston Lennon for what you've done to the world!

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