Friday, December 17, 2010

BIG10 Rethinking division names.

  Really?  Seriously?  You're going to "rethink" the division names for the Big10 Conference?  BIG10 Commissioner Jim Delany thinks the names of the divisions have fallen on "deaf" ears.  Ya think dumbass?
   You Jim Delany are a fucking retard.  Who in their right mind would name the goddamn divisions "legends" and "leaders"?  What in God's name above is that supposed to mean?  Does this sound right?  You Indiana are neither a legend or a leader but were going to put you in the leader division.  Fucking idiots!
   Hey!  Northwestern, you've won a couple of BIG10 titles in the last 20 years.  Let's put you in the legends division.  OK morons!  Northwestern hadn't done shit the whole time it's been a fucking football program!  They've had a few good years is all.  The few good years don't make them a goddamn leader either!
  Hmmmm.. Let me think some more.  Illinois!  Your going to the legends division!  Why you ask?  Because Dick Butkus played for you back in the 1950's.  Hell yeah!  Legends Division people!  Illinois hasnt done shit either!  Let me think here.  Penn. State!  We're going to put you in the leaders division.  Wanna know why?  Because you Penn. State!  You lead in everything!  Well fuck me running!  Penn State is the baby of the goddamn conference!  
  They haven't led jack fucking shit!  Now if your talking about Ohio State and Michigan, then you can put them in either division.  They are both legends and leaders.  Two goddamn good programs!  Let's move on.  The Iowa Hawkeyes.  They've been consistant within the conference.  Haven't won to many titles but are always contending for it.  We'll put them in the leader's division.  As for the rest of the conference, you aint got shit to work with except maybe Michigan State.  About every 10 years they wake up and make a difference.
   Delany says that they made to divisions based on parity.  BULLSHIT you cocksucker.  You did no such thing!  Supposedly they didn't base the divisions based on geography.  Well moron.  It's time to base it on geography!  
    It's this fucking simple Jimmy.  Make the divisions east and west.  Put 6 of the teams in the east and put 6 of the teams in the west!  Here's my take on what we should do.  It's not an exact science but goddamnit I try!
    West Division:
    East Division:
    Michigan State
    Ohio State
    Penn. State
     Seems pretty fucking simple to me you fucking idiot Jim Delany!  You draw a line between Illinois and Indiana.  My Lord above you must be a fucking idiot!  I can't believe they are paying big bucks to run one of the most respected conferences in the nation!  Fuck parity!  You haven't had parity in the BIG10 in forever.  Next bitch of mine is that you need to change the goddamn logo!  This motherfucker is straight up retarded!  Hell while your at it, change the conference name!  Seem pretty fucking simple to me!


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