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2010-2011 College Bowl Games

Saturday December 18th 2010 starts the NCAA College Football Bowl Season.  This will run till January, 10th 2011.  Now it's my time to give my predictions for these games.  I call myself an "expert" about college football season.  Let's see if I'm one or not.
   December 18th has a trio of games to start with.  Here we go!
"New Mexico Bowl".  BYU vs. UTEP in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In this game of shit teams with 6-6 records, I have to take BYU.
  "Humanitarian Bowl"  10-3 Northern Illinios vs. 8-4 Fresno State.  I see a stale game with Fresno State winning by 6 points. I'll probably turn the t.v. to some stupid Disney show before this one ends.
  "New Orleans Bowl" Ohio at 8-4 vs. Troy who comes in at 7-5 for the season.  Another retarded game to watch.  By the time this one starts, I'm praying that I'm drunker then shit and don't have to remember it.  Here come's December 22nd 2010 and now were getting ready for the "Beef-O-Brady" Bowl. (What the fuck is this kind of name!) From St. Petersburg, Fla.  We have Southern Mississippi at 8-4 vs. 6-6 Louisville.  My gut tells me to look for Louisville to win this one.  
  "MAACO Las Vegas Bowl"  Two of the top teams in the country at the middle of the season.  We have 10-2 Utah playing 11-1 Boise State.  I watched Utah play this season live.  One of the fastest teams in the nation.  Boise State has one of the most pure passing quarterbacks playing today.  I take Boise State in a barnburner.  This could be the bowl game of the year!
  December 23rd 2010..  We have the "San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl"  Honestly, who gives a fuck?  I know I don't but I have to give my prediction. SO here we go. 8-3 Navy vs. 8-4 San Diego State University.  It's a home game but I dont give a shit.  Navy wins!
  Christmas Eve now and it's time for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.  You have another home team with Hawaii at 10-3 vs Tulsa at 9-3 for the season.  Tulsa comes into the game looking good but will have pussy on their minds to much.  Hawaii wins!    December 26th we have "The Little Ceasars Bowl"  6-6 Florida International vs. Toledo.  Toledo kicks some major ass in this game.  (Who in their right mind has a fucking bowl named after some shit tasting pizza?)
  December 27th we have 8-4 Air Force vs 6-6 Georgia Tech in the Independence Bowl (I've been to this bowl game.  PURE SHIT!) Look for Air Force to win in a landslide.  Next day we have "Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando Florida.  9-3 West Virginia vs. 8-4 North Carolina State University.  West Virginia kills them.  Fuck Mickey Mouse!
  Again on December 28th we have another game.  It's the Insight.com Bowl in Tempe, Arizona.  You have #14 ranked Missouri Tigers coming in at 10-2 going against the Once Mighty Iowa Hawkeyes who are sitting at 7-5.  Iowa will get killed in this game.  Simple as that.  Hawk fans I hope you enjoy the desert before your long trip home to the cold.  Mizzou will hurt you bad.
  December 29th.  Military Bowl in Washington D.C.  It's going to be one cold motherfucker for the 8-4 Terripans of Maryland vs. the 6-6 Pirates of Eastern Carolina.  Maryland knows the weather better and will win this one.
 Later that day we have the Texas Bowl in Houston Texas (I've been to this bowl game.  Nothing but first class all the way!)  6-6 Illinios vs 7-5 Baylor.  I'm calling the Bears of Baylor the winners of this one.  Alamo Bowl has Oklahoma State vs. Arizona .  10-2 Cowboys beat the 7-5 Wildcats of Arizona.
  Armed Forces Bowl.  Army gets throttled by SMU in this one.  Run Ponies Run!  New Era Pinstripe Bowl played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.  Brand new bowl! (like we need another one!)  Kansas State vs. Syracuse.  Both teams are 7-5 on the season.  I'm going with K-State in this one.  Music City Bowl.  North Carolina vs Tennessee .  Tarheels win in a tight one.
  Now for the Holiday Bowl.  I'm going to be honest here.  I hate the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  I hate them with a passion.  I've got to be more honest though.  The Huskers got fucked in the bowl selection.  I blame the BIGXII for fucking them in their last year of conference play.  In this game we have a 10-3 Nebraska just kicking the fuck out of a 6-6 Washington.  I'm sorry for you Huskies.
  Meineke Car Care Bowl.  Who cares?  South Florida knocks off Clemson.  NEXT!  Sun Bowl.  A game of two has been programs.  Notre Dame vs. Miami (Fla). Both teams are 7-5.  Hurricanes kick some Irish ass.  Liberty Bowl is next.  This is a toss-up.  I'm taking the 10-3 Central Florida over the 6-6 Bulldogs of Georgia.
  Chik-Fil-A Bowl.  South Carolina vs. Florida State.  This could be the start of some fantastic college football bowl games.  I'm taking the GameCocks over the Seminoles in this one.  Ticket City Bowl in Dallas Texas. (WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BOWL?)  Northwestern at 7-5 vs Texas Tech also at 7-5.  Texas Tech crushes the Wildcats of Northwestern in this one.
  Outback Bowl from Tampa Florida.  The homestate team Florida Gators at 7-5 lose a close one to to the 7-5 team from Penn State.  Capital One Bowl.  9-3 Alabama vs. 11-1 Michigan State.  This one could go down in history of bowl games.  My lord this could be exciting.  I'm taking the Spartans of Michigan State over the Crimson Tide of Bama.
  Time for the Gator Bowl  (I've been to this one also.  Shit stadium and surroundings but one hell of a production for bowl games!)  We have 8-4 Mississippi State vs. 7-5 Michigan.  For some reason I have Michigan winning this game but I can see head coach Rich Rodriguez fucking this thing up.  Bulldogs win!
   Now for one of the best Rose Bowls ever!   We have a 11-1 Wisconsin Badgers team playing a 12-0 TCU Horned Frogs!  LOOK OUT PEOPLE!  This could over shadow the BCS Championship game.  I see a pure defensive game here fans.  I look for TCU to knock off Wisconsin by 1 point.  The "Frogs" end up #2 in the National Standings at the end of the season.  
   Fiesta Bowl.  11-2 crushes 8-4 UCONN.  I can see a 45 point victory for the Sooners.  Enough said about this shit.  Orange Bowl..11-1 Stanford vs. 11-2 Va. Tech.  For some reason I see the speed of Va.Tech running wild over the Cardinal of Stanford.  Sorry about your fate Cardinal fans.  Sugar Bowl.  11-1 Ohio State vs. 10-2 Arkansas.  I've got to be honest once again.  I fucking hate Ohio State.  Fuck them and their tradition!  Go HOGS!  Now I wake up and watch Ohio State beating Arkansas by 3 points.
  Time for retarded bowls!   GoDaddy.com Bowl  (Jesus we've reached a new low here!)  6-6 Middle Tennessee State vs. 9-4 Miami (Oh).  Miami in a landslide!  Jesus we need this game gone!
   Cotton Bowl.  This could be a great one!  10-2 LSU vs Texas A&M who stand at 9-3 each.  This could be such a good game I might not even drink more then 10 beers for it.  I'm torn here.  I guess I'm going with the faster LSU Tigers.  Compass Bowl  (WHO GIVES A FUCK?!?!?) 7-5 Pitt vs. 6-6 Kentucky .  Gut feeling tells me that the Panthers of Pitt win this for outgoing coach Dave Wandstatt.  
  Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.  12-1 Nevada vs 7-5 Boston College.  Nevada and the "pistol" offense crush Boston College!
     Now to the "TOSTITO'S BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME"  You have two heavy-weights playing this one.  You have Oregon vs. Auburn University.  You have most likely the top two Heisman Trophy place winners playing eachother.  You have far west vs south east.  You have one hell of a game here people!  This could be the championship that could be talked about for years on end!  My personal opinion here is that we are going to see shit we've never seen before.  My gut tells me that Cam Newton wins the Heisman Trophy Award.  This is where it gets tricky.  
    Most Heisman Trophy Award winners suck in National Championship Games.  For this, I think Oregon and it's speed wins this game!  I can actually see an overtime game here folks!  
                                       Your BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!  OREGON!

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