Sunday, December 12, 2010

What the hell is THE U thinking?

  With the bowl season approaching quickly and some teams needing new coaches it's time for the 2010 college football season to get nutty once again.  We just watched a cheat win the Heisman Trophy.  We just seen one of the best teams in the NCAA get fucked out of a National Championship Game because of this cheater.
   You have comings and goings of college coaches.  Some leave on their own record.  Others are pushed out because of their records.  It's the game of big business college football.  We've seen a few college coaches get the boot this year.  You have the University of Pittsburg firing Dave Wandstatt.  You've got a shit season out of The University of Texas.  Mack Brown is on the hot seat! 
    You've had other coaches sent packing.  You have Florida coach Urban Meyer quitting once again.  He says it's because of family.  Then it comes out because of health.  I promise you that Florida will be investigated for cheating with the Cam Newton case. Then we have the University of Miami firing head coach Randy Shannon.  Shannon went 7-5 this season and putting his team in a bowl game.
   The University of Miami has a long storied tradition of college football coaches.  In four seasons Randy Shannon went 28 and 22 for the Hurricanes.  Under former coaches, the Canes have won National Championships in the years of 1983,1987,1989,1991 and 2001.  Your former coaches are Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmie Johnson, Dennis Erickson.  These men won national championships.  Then you bring in Shannon.  He doesn't do bad.  Infact he does half way good for the times.
   College football is all about parity in today's times.  Randy Shannon got caught in the numbers.  College football is all about winning and making money.  7-5 records at Miami will not make you money.  I can understand the firing of Randy Shannon.  Someday soon he'll make some team happy with being a nice defense coordinator.  He knows the game and he knows the game well!
   Here's what amazes me.  The U fire Shannon.  They have options out there with coaches.  They have on the for-front.  John Gruden who is a former Super Bowl winning coach from Tampa Bay.  You have Donald Trump talking to the school president about Mike Leach. The former head coach from Texas Tech.  This man can coach any team to new heights!  Then there are other head coaches from all over the country being mentioned.  You have Bo Pelini from Nebraska being talked about till AD Tom Osborne shut that shit down!
   I'm thinking the U will take a few weeks and finally find that one person who can right the ship.  The next thing you know, I see where they hire Al Golden from Temple University!
   What the fuck is Miami thinking?  Yeah I know he won 17 games in the last two years.  He won these games at goddamn Temple!  The home of Bill Cosby!  The fucking Cosby Kids and Mushmouth!  Your going to pay this fuck 2 million per year for being average?  My lord you sicken me!  
    I hope I'm wrong but I have a sneaky feeling that Miami will be looking for a new coach in the next 3 years.  Good luck Al Golden!  You've been a decent coach at a sub Division 1 college.  I hope your ass doesn't get thrown to the gators in south florida!   Next time Miami, you need to think big!  Nothing less!  You have tradition!  Lord knows you need help!

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