Saturday, December 25, 2010

What are college athletes thinking?

  What in God's name are college athletes thinking of?  In today's world of major college athletics, a division 1 athlete has it made.  I know college athletics and I know the recruiting process.  If your a great athlete with tons of potential, colleges will be calling.  If your a superstar with unlimited potential boosters will be calling.
   Here's my bitch.  You get recruited to play for a major university and you fuck it all away.  NOW that's what pisses me off.  In the last few weeks, we've had some major talented college football players get arrested and or suspended for some really stupid shit.  We've had at the University of Iowa players get suspended for doing drugs.
   At Auburn University we've got a kid being investigated by the FBI for taking bribes from boosters.  At Ohio State University we've got players being suspended for 5 games next season for taking gifts from local tattoo parlors.  (THE NCAA SHOULD HAVE SUSPENDED THEM FOR THE BOWL GAME!)
    When your recruited for a major university, you will get a free education for up to 6 years depending on certain situations.  (5 years are the norm.)  You get free housing for the years your with the program.  You get three square meals a day while with the program.  
    You will be coached by some of the greatest coaches in the world.  If you work, listen and try your damndest you will have a shot of making money at the next level.  Here's where I get stupid.  What the fuck are these kids thinking when they steal, rape, cheat, kill and or take bribes for the fuck of it because they think they are untouchable?
   You've got idiots at the University of Iowa fucking up some major draft status's because they think it's cool to sell drugs for extra money.  What goddamn money do you really need?  Like I said before you've got everything you wanted paid for!  To Cam Newton at Auburn.  Your dad is a major fuckhead.  I do not give a flying fuck if he's a preacher or not.  He tried to cheat the system and got caught.  I promise you that you will be caught sometime also.  There is no way that your pops asks for $180,000.00 for you to play and your not getting something in return!
   Your getting everything paid for and your retarded preacher man father decides to be a douche bag.  My lord above he's a fucking idiot.  Does he not understand that there could be prison time for his actions?  I mean your good.  Your goddamn good!  Hell you won the Heisman Trophy for Christ's sake.  Your going to make your millions at the next level.  Why couldn't dear old dumb ass dad wait a few years?  Once again.  Cecil Newton your a fucking idiot!
   Now the newest thing.  You have Ohio State University players being fucking retarded.  Led by quarterback Terrelle Pryor these 6 morons get free tattoo's and other shit for next to nothing.  Then they sell BIG10 Championship rings, jersey's and other assorted things that collector's want.  When it was found out, they were suspended for the first 5 games of next season.  LIKE THATS A TOUGH THING!  They've got a patsy pre-conference schedule.  Thats 2 to 3 easy wins.  Then they've got some easy early conference games.  These motherfuckers should have been suspended for their upcoming bowl game.  I guess the NCAA doesn't want OSU to lose.  
   This is what pisses me off.  These players are pampered while in college.  They get stipends for some expenses.  Why do they feel they have to fuck it all up?   I remember a few years ago a player from Iowa State University named Jason Berryman mugging a kid for a cell phone and $5.00 dollars.  This stupid fucker was a sure NFL draft choice within the 3rd round.  Guess what he gets?  12 months in county jail.  Then here's how retarded he is.  He gets out and they let him back on the Cyclone football team.  The stupid fucker breaks his probation!  NOW he's doing absolutely nothing but being a dumb fuck!
  It's time for major college coaches to either start recruiting some decent kids for their programs or stop coaching.  It's time for the NCAA to crack down on boosters!  These people are nothing more then a cancer to the NCAA!  It's time for athletic directors and coaches to be responsible for the players they bring in!  
    For you up and coming major college athletes please be smart.  Please do not take short cuts.  Life will be good for you if you play by the rules.  Free education.  Free shelter.  Free food!  A college kid couldn't ask for more!

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