Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Demise of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

  In the state of Iowa you have three things.  You have cattle.  You have corn.  You have The Iowa Hawkeyes!  The Hawkeyes are located at The University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa.  The home of doctors, lawyers, journalists and countless others.  This is the "rich kids" state university in Iowa.
   Iowa has had a fantastic athletic department for years, with men's and women's basketball.  The Hawks hang from the rafters 23 National Championship Banners won by their wrestling program.  What leads drives this machine is a band of young men lead by the state's highest paid employee Kirk Ferentz.  It's the Hawkeye football program.
  Ferentz has led his team to some very successful seasons including last season.  Along the way though, their have been some major scrapes with the law for the Hawkeyes.  Anywhere from being convicted of rape by a basketball player.  Many OWI's, public intoxication charges, urintating in public and assault charges.  Not your normal college life here sportsfans.  Iowa has turned into the University of Miami (North) with all of it's bullshit going on.
    The latest happenings in Iowa City is the arrest of the leading receiver in Hawkeye history for running a drug house.  Derrel Johnson-Koulianos was arrested yesterday afternoon for having in his possesion marijuana, cocaine and prescription pills with out having a prescription.  Not a typical day for your average 23 year kid.  Johnson-Koulianos admitted to the police that he had smoke weed in the last few days.  (It was found out that he had smoked grass and ingested cocaine.)
   Kirk Ferentz acted quickly with this statement: "I am highly dissapointed to learn of the charges.  Darrell has been suspended from all team activities.  NO SHIT KIRK?  What else are you going to say son?  "Ummm give me a few days to think this over.  We've got a bowl game coming up with Mizzou and might need him to play.:  You fucking moron Kirk. You should have said.. "Darrell will never EVER represent the Hawkeyes again in this life or any other!"  Thats what you should have said Kirk!  You fucking douchebag.
   Ferentz has a son on this team.  You have to think that his son would know Darrell was a doper.  Most everyone in Iowa City knew it.  So, if Kirk's son knew you would think Kirk would have known!  Is that the reason Johnson-Koulianos didn't start the last game of the season?  Because maybe the ole ball coach knew an investigation was happening towards his start player?  What's the chances that there were more players smoking pot and snorting coke on this football team?  I bet more then you have any idea.
   What's going to happen if more players get busted for using drugs?  You going to bury your head in the sand once again Kirk?  You fucking pussy!  The police are also saying that they have electronic media showing Johnson-Koulianos with drugs.  Could that be on a phone?  Maybe a web page?  How about facebook?
   The police say it's true on the photo's.  I wonder if there are more Hawk players pictures out there in never never land showing them smoking herb or even better snorting coke?  Knowing how fucking stupid these kids are they probably video taped themselves hitting from a waterbong.  Once again.  Fucking idiots they are!
   If by chance there is a bigger scandal then this Kirk I want your resignation.  I want it now.  You can take your $3.5 million dollar a year making ass and get the fuck out of Iowa.  You might have won a few games at Iowa Kirk but what have you really done to make a difference in these kids lives?  NOT a goddamn thing son!
   When a young athlete signs a contract for a "full-ride" scholarship, they are getting not only a free education but also free housing and free meals.  Plus they get a stipend to help off-set living expenses.  An education at The University of Iowa can run between $20,000.00 and $30,000.00 per year.  If a kid "red-shirts", thats between $100,000.00 and $150,000.00 spent on these athletes.
     I pray that Johnson-Koulianos is found guilty and made to the price.  I don't mean probation.  I mean he gets his 7.5 years in prison.  After good behavior, that puts him at 3 years in the joint.  Then the stupid fucker might learn a lesson or two.  It's either learn or get your ass fucked everyday for fucking over some poor inmates wagers on the Hawks.  Kirk you better pray each and every night before you go to bed that something else doesn't go wrong.  After last season's record, people might not be so forgiving.


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