Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greatest NFL quarterback of all time?

When the Minnesota Vikings played the New York Giants last Sunday Brett Favre took the day off.  That was the first time in 297 games that Favre did not play.  An NFL record for quarterbacks.  It's a feat that won't likely be matched.  
   The quarterback who is close is Peyton Manning with just 203 consecutive starts.  I like to call myself a student of the game of football.  I'll be honest.  I prefer the college game more then I do the NFL but I will always sit and watch an NFL game if it's on television.
  I've seen some of the greats play through the years either on television or live.  I've seen the greats of Fran Tarkington, Dan Fouts, John Elway, Brett Favre and Joe Montana play live.  4 out of 5 of these quarterbacks are in the NFL Hall of Fame.  The fifth Favre, will be as soon as he retires.
    Like I said before my love is college football.  In these ranks I've seen Heisman Trophy winners play.  I've seen future NFL Hall of Fame members play.  The game of football is something I love to be around.  Whats the most important position in football?  The quarterback for sure.  The quarterback is the leader.  The quarterback is the one who gets the glory.  The quarterback is also the one who takes all the shit from the fans and media.
   Now it's my time to give my point of view who is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time post Super Bowl era.  Let's just say this is my opinion and nothing else.  Each and every quarterback mentioned is great in his own way.
    10.  Joe Namath:  Former Alabama quarterback who lived the original lifestyle of the rich and famous.  He took being a superstar to the extreme when he was drafted by the New York Jets.
    09.  Roger Staubach:  Former Dallas Cowboy who showed the world what a Navy graduate can do on the NFL field.  He had smarts but most of all he had heart!  A true gamer with intensity
    08.  Steve Young:  This man waited forever to be able to start his NFL career.  He was the back up to Joe Montana forever.  Patience is a virtue.  He won two Super Bowl Championships.  One of the most gifted athletes to ever play the quarterback position.
    07.   Tom Brady:  This dude wasn't even the starting quarterback for his college team.  He gets drafted by the New England Patriots and when the starting qb goes down all Brady does is lead his team to Super Bowl victories.  Not once but multiple times.
    06.   Troy Aikman: This Dallas Cowboy superstar wasn't flashy or anything but my God above he knew how to win Super Bowls.
    05.   Brett Favre:  Started out as a back up in Atlanta.  Gets traded to the Green Bay Packers and does things that only legends can do!  One of the toughest son of a bitches to ever play the game. 
    04.   Peyton Manning:  Had a street named after him at his alma mater in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He's won a Super Bowl and is the only one who's going to catch Brett Favre's records.  A true leader who can and does call his own game.
   03.  John Elway:  This Denver Bronco won 2 SuperBowls after losing his first 3.  He's the rocket of an arm that people can only wish they had.  A true champion on and off the field.
   02.  Dan Marino:  This Miami Dolphin played in one Super Bowl during his second season.  When he retired Dan owned more records then imagined.  The only other person to break his records is Brett Favre.  A true leader and competitor in every way!
   01.  Joe Montana:  Never the flashy player.  The Notre Dame graduate took a shit team in San Fransisco  and made them world champions!  His leadership is talked about all over the NFL.  He was and is most probably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

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