Friday, December 10, 2010

The making of a college football factory.

  I've said it time and time again.  I love college football!  It's where boys become men real quick or they die trying.  College football makes fans spend money and get stupid real quick.  (I'm one of them fans!)
   There are 119 Division football schools in the nation.  Out of these 119 schools 70 of them get to go to bowl games. (Way to many in my opinion!)  That means 49 don't get to do shit except be considered losers.  In fact, I'm a season ticket holder to a so called loser school.  I wouldn't give up my tickets if my life depended on it!  I love my college!
  If your a losing program, the first thing thats going to happen is that boosters are going to get pissed off.  They are going to start demanding results now!  If these results don't happen fast, then look for said booster to start giving their money to some other cause.  Simple as that!  If I'm the Athletic Director and wanting to save my job, I go after a head coach with some major potential!
   So now we've got our head coach who's going to promise all of the alumni and boosters the world.  He's going to be upbeat and talk about potential.  He's going to tell you he's hungry and that he wants his players to be hungry!  He's going to tell theres no reason THIS team can't be playing for a confernce title within 5 years.  He's going to get your cock hard with all of his bullshit!
  Next thing this coach better be good at is recruiting!  He better be able to go into a kid's house and get the kid's dad's cock hard and his momma's pussy wet at the same time.  He better be able to promise this kid everything and beyond.  He better be able to show this kid and his family how he's going to win games and get this kid into the NFL.  That's called recruiting!
  Now it's up to the facilities for this football team.  We better have an indoor practice field.  We better have some of the best weight facilities.  Better have some of the best assistant coaches around!  We can win with all of this but we need more the boosters say!
  We need players.  We need top notch players!  We need the best players around!  How do we get these players?  I have to be honest.  MONEY!  We've got all the bullshit aside.  Now we need players who can compete.  We need a stud quarterback who's going to throw for 25 touchdowns and for over 3,000 yards.  We need that running back that is going to run for 1,500 yards every season.
   What are we going to do if we are on the fringe with these players?  Then it's time to bring in some BIG time boosters.  Boosters who have money.  None of these convience store owners.  We want boosters that run major companies!  We want boosters that give thousands upon thousands of dollars each and every year to this school!  I want a booster that's going to give under the table between $5,000 and $10,000 per year for the program!
    With this all on board, we need to sell tickets.  We've got a 59,000 capacity stadium.  We need more people!  We need corperations that will drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to make this happen.  When we sell tickets we make money.  When we make money, we can think about expanding the stadium for more people to be able to buy tickets.  
   How are we going to do that?  Here comes the boosters again.  We need to be able to bring in the top recruits in the nation.  How do we get them to sign?  MONEY AND PUSSY!  We as a program get them some sweet pussy to suck and fuck!  Have the paid "university escorts" show the boys a great time!  Do what you want with them!  All "University escorts" are expandable.  
  If the pussy doesn't get the recruit that we need and want maybe that booster will kick in again.  Tons of the top players in the nation do not care about what college they go to.  They care about getting paid!  It's time for the boosters that have so-called money to start paying up!
  If you can get about 100 boosters to kick in $5,000.00 bucks each and every year, I promise you that you will have your fucking championship!  Thats $500,000.00 per year to spend on recruits!  If you can't win a championship with that kind of money being thrown around, then your a fucking retarded coach!
   I promise you that schools like Iowa, Auburn, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, USC, Notre Dame and countless others do this each and every year!  There is no way they could be the champions they are without some kind of backdoor activities going on!  
    If you want to win in major college football, head my advice!

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