Tuesday, December 14, 2010

College athletics at it's worst!

  With all of the misfortune of the University of Iowa football program they decided to have a press conference today.  They were going to address the suspensions that they have laid down.  They were going to address the suspensions that they were going to hand down.  
   I welcomed the press conference.  We know that one player was kicked off the team for being a drug dealer.  It has been said by the police that he had a laptop with buyers names on it.  
  We had another player who "left" the team.  BULLSHIT!  The fucker was kicked off but Kirk Ferentz and AD Gary Barta made it sound mutual.  Thats fucking bullshit and everyone knows it.  
  We had another player suspended for the rest of the season.  Supposedly because he wasn't "quite" following team rules.  BULLSHIT!  The motherfucker was snorting coke and smoking weed.  You didn't kick him off completely because he ran for over 900 yards this season.  I pray that this stupid fuck gets his shit together soon.  Another player decides to after not playing all season because of personal reason's to transfer.  (Real reason he didn't play. ( He got two different chicks knocked up!)  No one ever talks about this!
   Then there's the fucking bullshit press conference with A.D. Gary Barta and head football coach Kirk Ferentz.  Both of them say there are flaws in the drug testing policy at the University of Iowa.  YA THINK RETARDS?  The know that it's possible for players to cheat the system.  NO SHIT IDIOTS?
   The University of Iowa states that they do "in-house" drug testing costing the "tax-payers" over $70,000.00 per year.  God bless you fucknuts.  Heres the real deal.  They drug test.  This is true.  What they do is drug test the fucking 8th string punter that is studying medicine of the asshole.  They test the 6th string guard who is training to be a fucking ballet teacher.  THEY DO NOT TEST THE GODDAMN STUDS of the team!  It's that simple!
   The NCAA does do random drug tests.  Wanna know how that works?  The NCAA get's a hold of the University and lets them know when they will be drug testing.  WELL FUCK!  Let's tell the rapist when the lonely girl will be home alone then.
  The NCAA doesnt want the University of Iowa losing players.  The reason being is that the University of Iowa is a fucking cash cow!  The more Iowa is recognized, the more money the NCAA makes.  It's as fucking simple as basic math.  
   Barta and Ferentz even mentioned that there could be 10 to 21 players with problems but they can't figure out who.  BULLSHIT!  You know who the fucking cancer of your program is. Could it be an All-American?  Could it be the top quarterback?  Could it be the top defensive player?  We'll never know because the University of Iowa puss'd out and swept this under the goddamn rug.  Like always.  Once again if I'm a booster and financial supporter of the University of Iowa I would want Gary Barta and Kirk Ferentz fired now!  Both of these people are pieces of shit for their actions!

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