Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Prom Queen and all of her sluts.

  You ever know that one girl or girls who are the shit of every high school?  I have.  They are the one's no matter what come out smelling like a fucking rose.  They are the ones who bat their eyes and shake their tight little asses to get their ways.  You know what I'm talking about now.  The pretty girls who do nothing but make themselves known to each and everyone.
    The one's talk all nice but deep down you know they are deep throating the starting quarterback of the football team.  The one who will go on to college and become the head cheerleader for her university.  You know, the one who will become the valedictorian who bats her eyes and thanks everyone at the podium on graduation.
   Then there are the wanna be whores who think they are prom queen material.  They are a little bit dirtier then the prom queen.  They will give head and put some pussy out there as the popular boyfriend fingers her asshole.  She's the slutty prom queen wanna be.  God bless her and her dirty ways! You've got that girl who wants to be so popular she can tasted it.  She'll cut her own momma's throat to get ahead.  
     She's the gal who is involved with dance/cheer since she was a young little philly.  Then when she's old enough, she starts sports.  She might not be very good at the certain sport but she makes sure she looks good in the skin tight shorts!
    They win all the awards even if they don't deserve it.  Wanna know how they did?  It's because this little whore wanna be knows how to suck enough ass to get ahead.  She's kissing anyone with any kind of stroke to get her ahead.  It happens every year.  This girl can't tie her own shoes but she's receiving an all conference selection for her sport of choice.  She's terrible but her and her mother are stroking the coaches ego to get her ahead.
     Now here's where it gets real fun!  All of this kissing ass has finally gotten these certain boys and girls where they need to be.  Mom and Dad stroke the right people.  It's time for the birds to leave the nest and go to college.  God bless em all.  I hope homecoming queen actually learns how to suck some major cock if she wants to get ahead.  If not hunny your a fucked duck.
      I find out that our homecoming queen and her court arent to happy living in college and she admits that life isn't so grand because no one will pay attention to her and all of that bullshit.  I find out that some of her homecoming court are sucking cock to get ahead in college.  That's precious!  God Bless them and bless their pussy's!  I guess they are working on  getting ahead in the real world! 
      Now it's the end of the first semester and the queen isn't happy.  She's not the BIG fish in the small pond.  She's a nothing in a major university.  She's not to fucking happy.  Guess what girl?  Welcome to the real world!  Get your shit together and stop being a whiny cunt!  It's that fucking simple!    Now I want to thank the gals/guys who weren't that popular in high school and are doing fantastic in college.  I know your meeting new people and becoming more and more popular each and every day!  Thats fantastic!
    I want to see this each and every year.  Parent and students of the parents kissing ass to people instead of working hard, this is a perfect ending to your teenage years.  It's time to get your young asses to work instead of making sure you suck enough ass or your parents know the right people!  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK TWEENERS!

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