Thursday, December 16, 2010


  Ebanezer Scrooge was a prick.  He was a straight up asshole!  He didn't give a fuck about anyone but himself and his family.  He could care less if others lived or died.  To me that's a fucking asshole!  Scrooge made sure that his people were taken care of all the time.  
  He was a business man who could pretty much give a fuck about anyone except him and his family.  I'll be honest when I say this.  I know someone like this.  You bust your ass to make this motherfucker happy and all he does is bitch while he's counting his money.
   I've got a friend that absolutely does everything in his power to make this person happy.  FUCK THAT!  FUCK SCROOGE!  We as employees bust our ass each and every day.  Scrooge doesn't give a flying fuck.  He cares about the bottom line. Through my years with working in management, I've been an asshole, I've been the nice guy, I've been the one who someone can lean on.  
   Through the years I've tried to teach my children to be as nice as possible and to make sure to always look out for the people who need help in the end.  Scrooge.  He doesn't give a fuck unless he's making money or his family comes out ahead.  Someday soon I hope to own my own business.  This I promise.  To the people who work with me and the people who work for me, I will respect you until you piss me off.  Good luck Mr. Scrooge and I hope your Xmas is shitty as fuck!

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