Monday, December 6, 2010

Auburn vs. Oregon in the BCS Championship!

  January 10th 2011, we will finally know the NCAA BCS NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPION.  First of all I personally feel that the BCS is bullshit.  We've got a team this year who is also undefeated not getting a chance for the National Title.  That team is Texas Christian Universtity.  
   Oregon and Auburn were blessed to be able to undefeated all season long.  They did have the most impressive records across the United States for college football.  TCU went undefeated but they didnt play the teams like these other two programs did.  
  Auburn has the most incredible quarterback to ever play the college game by the name of Cam Newton.  His talents are so fucking unreal it's not even funny.  Then there's LaMicheal James of Oregon.  He's the newest LaDamian Tomlinson (Who came from TCU!).  His abilities are something we haven't seen in years at the runningback position in college football for years!  He's going to go down as one of the best ever.  This is spoken!  This is written!
   Would I put Texas Christian University HornedFrogs against either of these teams?  Fuck yes I would.  The only problem is that the God's of the NCAA have spoken.  There is no matchup for the HornedFrogs this year.  Except against the Wisconsin Badgers.  I see TCU winning by 10 in this game.  Before I forget, TCU has the #1 rated defense in the nation.  That says something for it'self.
   Back to the National Championship!  You will see Cam Newton lead his Auburn Tigers out onto the field against LaMicheal James's Oregon Ducks.  Tigers usually eat a Duck.  Not this year.  Look for Oregon to beat the Tigers by 4 points.  Cam Newton will win the Heisman Trophy!  This will happen.  If it doesn't happen, then there is no justice in the world!  Oregon will win the National Championship!  Get used to it.  Look for the Ducks to defend it mightly next season!

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