Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Terrorist Christmas?

   It's a couple of days till Christmas, one of the most beloved holiday's known to man.  We are here to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior.  I'm not the most religious man in the world but this dude Jesus according to record did some incredible shit.
   We celebrate this holiday every year on December 25th because we as a free world with the option of freedom of religion have chosen Christianity over other forms of religion.  Life and times are going well for me.  My beautiful daughter comes home for the holiday.  My whole family will be home.  
    This is the time we spend together to promote love and peace.  Then I'm watching the news.  I guess Al Qaeda has decided to fuck up the USA's holiday season.  They want to hurt us bad for our sins against Islam.  What the fuck are these people thinking?  Like i said before.  We have freedom of religion.  If you want to worship to Islam, then do it.  Just don't fuck with my world over it.  These radical cunts want to "hurt" us because they are repressed.  Like that's our fucking problem.  It's not our fault that you stupid cocksuckers live in the middle of no where sweating your tiny balls off in the desert.  Fuck you!
    These are the same fuckers who say.. And I quote:  "We do not need women to work.  What positive roles can they play in society?  What is the impact of their roles?  They should stay in their houses."  WELL dumbfucks, if it were not for women, there would be nobody on earth.  Women make the world go around.  They give birth to our children.  They cook, clean and take care of us males.  They are the salt of the earth assholes.
    They are wanting to come into our country and destroy everything and cause havoc in cities of mass population.  I can understand this but I can't understand what the fuck they are thinking.  This is the same people who executed a woman because she had murdered her abusive husband.  Even though this man had beat her and her children, they felt it was right to execute her.  What about a judicial system?  Innocent before being proven guilty?  My lord above you Islam loving motherfuckers are some douchebags!
    You want to hurt our society because your living an opressed life?  What the fuck assholes? It's not our fault that your asses can't wear blue jeans.  It's not our fault that your asses have to watch local channels on your televisions.  Get a fucking cable company assholes!  It's not our fault that your women's armpits are as hairy as their goddamn pussies!  It's not our fault that your women can't suck your dick!  Get over it motherfuckers!
      Is it our fault that you live in a fucking cave?  I don't believe so.  It's not our fault that your going to live a life of horseshit because of what you believe in.  Go back to your fucking caves and fuck eachother.  I know your fucking your own family.  Sisters and mothers.  Daughters and cousins.  Thats a top notch life your leading fuck heads.
    Do me a favor President Barrack Obama.  If these cocksuckers somehow give us or some of our friends in other countries a serious problem with death and destruction over these holidays, please grow a set of balls and exterminate the entire region.  I don't give a fuck if it's Afghanistan or Pakistan.  Fuck their worlds up!  They will attack us in the name of Allah.  You attack them in the name of Jesus Christ!

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