Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things that annoy me.

  There's a few things in this world that annoy me.  No no no.  Not my wife and kids.  Thats another story for another time.  I try to keep a positive attitude at all times but its hard.  I mean real hard.  Atleast once a day someone annoys me.  errr. Pisses me off I should say.
  That bitch from that stupid insurance commercial  She annoys me.  First of all she's ugly and not even funny.  So, fuck you Flo!  Any football player who scores a touchdown and waves his fingers to the heavens.  I call bullshit!  Most of you motherfuckers are thieves and thugs.  Were you waving your fingers to the heavens as you kiked that 60" 3-D t.v. last night?  I didn't think so.  So, fuck you!
   How about the lastest fag of the entertainment world Justin Bieber?  Yeah it's true.  This little homo annoys me!  Find a true talent Justin and begin work at Hardee's!  Also Justin.  Fuck you!
   Kobe Bryant.  This selfish little rapist annoys me.  The ball hoggin motherfucker actually pisses me off.  SO Kobe.. Fuck you!  Welfare...  Now this more then annoys me!  It puts me over the fucking edge.  You've got some two bit whores who spread their legs at any time they can.  Then when the stupid cunts get knocked up they get free money while someone else takes care of their child.  They get a free secondary education while other kids are busting their asses to make ends meet while in college.  They get free food!  I might as well of fucked this whores.  Atleast if I got them pregnant, I would have paid child support!  Most of these whores will never see a dime from the baby's daddy!
   The lizard from the Geicko commercials.  He annoys me with his shit accent.  I'll capture that little fucker and grill his ass!  Green ass motherfucker!  The New York Yankees.  They annoy me.  They don't annoy me as much since George Stienbrenner died but they still annoy me!  All they do is buy championships and that pisses me off!  MLB needs parity!  Simple as that.
  Donald Trump annoys me.  Infact he pisses me off.  He's a self made billionaire and all but he's such a arrogant prick he makes me want to puke.  I'd love to slap the taste out of his mouth and then cut his fucked up hairdo!  He's a cunt!  Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton annoy the shit out of me.  I'd like to bang them like a Salvation Army Drum then when I'm about ready to launch a load of joy all over their tits I slap them in the fucking mouth.  Stupid bitches.  Your 15 minutes of fame is over.  Either find a hobby or die.
  George W. Bush annoys me alot.  Not because he's had thousands of innocent people killed in a war over nothing.  It's because he's a smug little 5'5" fuck who thinks he's a bad ass.  I'd like to kick him right in the pussy and slap the USA right out of him.  He was nothing more then a thorn in the side of democracy!  He was and always will be nothing more then a spoiled little cunt who's dad got him out of trouble and made him money.  Fuck you George!
   Kim Kardashian..  You've got a beauty I've never seen before.  Your captivating.  You are truly one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life.  One problem though... Your ass annoys me!  If I ever meet you, I'm slapping a "WideLoad" sticker on your ass and making semi horn noises.  Do some fucking pilates and lose that fucker NOW!
  Osama Bin Laden annoys me.  It's not because he's a terrorist.  It's because he's a terrorist and won't show his face anywhere.  Sometimes he leaves some kind of fucked up VHS tape for people to figure out. What annoys me is that your a pussy.  You kill innocent people in the name of Allah but won't be a man and back up your shit with some kind of toughness.  Osama Fuck you!
  Racism annoys me.  Reverse racism really annoys me.  Let's all get along and treat each other with respect!  Don't piss down each others backs and tell everyone it's fucking raining. Get over the black/white shit!  Let's be one with life!    Reality shows annoy me.  I grew up when MTV first started and I've been watching it ever since.  The only reality shows that I've ever gotten into were "The Real World" on MTV and "Big Brother on CBS.  The other reality t.v. shows can suck my cock.  I like Gene Simmons and all but his reality show can fuck off.  Brett Micheals is a great rock god but his show can fade away anytime.  These goddamn cooking reality shows can eat my shit and die!  Get back to real t.v. people!  THINK!  Use your brains and make me laugh and or cry with your imagination!  Fuck reality t.v.!
   Last but not least......  What annoys me more then anything in this life is, fakeass motherfuckers on "facebook".  I don't give a flying fuck what your saying and all the bullshit!  No ones life is that goddamn perfect!  I don't care if your fucking dog gave birth to 33 of the most beautiful puppies.  I could care less if your whore of a daughter got a job to subsidise her welfare!  Like I give a shit if your making the worlds greatest meal for your disfunctional family!  The biggest reason they are disfuntional is because your a superficial cunt!  If I were you, I'd ask for a fucking mirror for Christmas!  It's that goddamn simple  Stop using facebook to make your self look good and find a good therapist!  Trust me when i say this, you need one for your low self esteem!  
    Please try not to annoy me.. It makes me drink more.

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