Sunday, December 26, 2010

Random Subjects.

  Someday's I like to kick back and drink a few beers and think.  It's then when random thoughts float into my head.  I'm thinking about world peace.  I'm thinking about my family.  I'm thinking about football.  I'm thinking about volleyball.  I'm thinking about beer.  I'm thinking about cooking.  I'm thinking about pretty much bullshit!  It's what I do!
    Some of my random thoughts are:  Do we really need girls to wear their pants so low?  Do I really need to see their "whale tails" with their thong underwear showing?  Sometimes it's cute.  Most of the time I'm thinking..."What the fuck is that gal thinking?"
   Pubic hair:  Whats the deal with all of the different styles of women and their pubic hair?  Some are bald.  (creeps me out!)  Some have "landing strips".  Some are nicely trimmed with a little bit of hair hanging around.  Why don't women get together and vote or something.  Figure out what style will suit your pubic region and spread the word!  Enough of getting surprised with all of the different pussy's!
    Is Condeleeza Rice a lesbian?  Does she piss standing up?  Does she every once in awhile reach down and scratch her nuts?  If she did, I wouldn't be surprised!  I wonder sometimes if I was married to Hilary Clinton if I would fuck around on her.  Most likely yes!  She's as much of a dyke as Rice is.  How in the fuck did Oprah Winfrey end up owning the entire world along with Bill Gates?  All she is, is a pain in the fucking ass!  Fat bitch that she is.
    How much more bullshit are we going to take from North Korea?  I love Barack Obama as president but he needs to grow a set of nuts and nuke that fucking country.  End all of this bullshit.  If Iran decides to grow a set of balls like North Korea, show them the footage of mayhem!  End this bullshit now!
   What about this stupid Al quaeda bullshit?  Take all of your forces out of goddamn Iraq and bulldoze that fucked up country of Afghanistan!  Find that spineless pussy Osama Bin Laden and publicly kill him.  Stone him to death.  Taze him to death.  Electrocute him to death.  Just do it on WORLDWIDE TV!
   Oil prices are way out of fucking control!  Sick minded motherfuckers running these companies need brought before a jury and when found guilty hung!   They are raping the American people over money.  Thats bullshit!  Time to take back some of our money with the taking of oil from the countries that have it.  Example Iraq!  We've came into this God forsaken country and liberated them.  Liberated them for what?  NOT a GODDAMN thing!  Get the oil for nothing.  If we don't start doing that, we'll be paying $10.00 dollars a fucking loaf for bread!
   Why don't we stop cheating in college athletics?  It's either stop it, or start paying them for their services!  Figure it out you stupid cunts at the NCAA offices.  How come George W. Bush been brought up on charges of murder?  This stupid cunt/cocksucker had thousands upon thousands murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan over nothing.  Osama Bin Laden had the World Trade Centers hit by planes.  Bush decides to invade Iraq.  hmmmm HEY STUPID!  Iraq had nothing to do with the Towers going down!  You just lost thousands of lives over your being a fucking idiot!
    I need the President I voted for to grow a set of balls and take back this fucking country!  Obama your a good man that just needs to be tougher.  If the republicans don't like your values and your wants tell them to suck your cock!  Get the fucking job done son!  It's that goddamn simple!  Knock a bitch out!
    Take care of our homeless and people who want to work.  I just went through an unemployment hearing with a dude that worked for me.  This fucker is a genius but has no desire to work.  He called in every goddamn day because he was sick.  (motherfucker was hung over!)  I let the unemployment agency know his bullshit and he still wins his case!  Thats fucked up!  Take care of the people who really want to make ends meet!  Take care of the people who want to live the American dream!  Fuck the leaches!  Fuck them to hell!
   Fuck the people who are abusing the welfare system!  Time to move them out of the equation and help the "real" people who need it.  Take time to make time people!  Help the single mothers who want to work.  Help the single fathers who want to work.  The others, let them rot in hell!  We waste to much money on bullshit!  Fix it now people!
   Sorry about my random subjects bitch, I'm just pissed off!  We need to fix this country and fix it now people!

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