Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's the real reason that Urban Meyer is quitting?

  For the last few months we've been bombarded by the scandal of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.  If you've lived under a rock during this time, let me help you out.  Newton's dad asked Mississippi State University for up to $180,000.00 dollars for his son to play there.  Mississippi State declined it's invitation to pay for play!
   Now Cam is on his way to winning the 2010 Heisman Trophy Award.  Does he deserve it?  Hell yes he does!  He is the best quarterback I've ever seen play them game of college football and I've been watching college football for over 30+ years.  Now it's time for some history of Cam Newton.  Cam originally signed with the University of Florida to play football back in 2006.
   Cam was the back up to the only winner of the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore Tim Tebow.  While at Florida Cam was in trouble for cheating on exams and theft of a laptop.  For the cheating scandal, he somehow stole another students paper and put his name on it.  He was found out.  The teacher said hand in another paper. When Cam turned in the other paper, it was found that he copied it all from the internet.  
   Then Cam was found to have stolen a laptop from anther student while at Florida.  At semester he decides to leave Florida for a junior college in Texas.  He states he's leaving because Tim Tebow is coming back for a senior season.  Funny thing is... Tebow never let his feelings known till about 3 months later.
   After Cam kicks some major ass in junior college, he enrolls at Auburn University.  This is after his father try's to pimp his ass to Mississippi State University.  As is known, Cam has taken over college football with his talents.  He's the next Heisman Trophy Award winner!  He's a sure 1st round draft choice in the NFL Draft.  This kid plays like a man among boys.  He's that good!
  Now to my rant...  Why is Urban Meyer leaving the University of Florida at the age of 46 years old?  He retired last season because of so-called health problems.  Then a day later he decided to come back as coach.  This was right after Cam Newton left Florida for a junior college. 
   This season is unfolding as a "CamGate" year.  We have Mississippi State turning in Newton.  We have Auburn saying he didnt do anything wrong.  We have his former college getting asked questions every day.  Here's whats funny as hell.  Right before the SEC Championship Game Newton was suspended for a day.  The SEC did this.  A day later, the NCAA lifts the suspension because of insufficiant evidence.  
  Here's my theory about that situation!  The NCAA and the SEC get together knowing that Newton is guilty as fuck about getting money.  They suspend him for a day.  Then the reinstate him.  Wanna know why?  Because the NCAA doesn't want Auburn losing the SEC Championship game to Alabama.  They want Auburn in the BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.  They do not want TCU of a non super power conference playing in the title game!  With Cam Newton, Auburn can win against Alabama.  Without him.  NO CHANCE!
    Here's where shit gets funny!  We all know that Cam is going to play Oregon in the championship.  This is a fact now.  After the game look for a MAJOR investigation into Auburn University and the University of Florida.  I promise you that Cam Newton took money from both places!  Why in the hell would Urban Meyer quit?  This egotistical son of  a bitch needs the spotlight!  He says hes leaving for the sake of his family.  He's going to watch his daughter play volleyball at Georgia Tech.  Hmmm His daughter is terrible and never sees the court at Georgia Tech.  
   Urban my friend you better get your shit in order soon.  The NCAA and congress will be calling soon you douchebag!  Have fun watching your daughter sit on the bench at Georgia Tech.  

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