Monday, December 27, 2010

The Day After Christmas.

Christmas is one of the greatest things going today.  We have family getting together, we have friends meeting up after time away from eachother.  We have good times all the way around.  It doesn't matter how many presents you give or get,  What matters is being together at Christmas.
   I had my Christmas with my mother in law on Christmas Eve.  Thats tradition in our household.  We used to have Christmas Day at my parents until my little brother got married and started his own family.  (A miracle in it's self!)  So, now our Christmas at my parents is always the day after Christmas.   Long story short, I got a day off from having two Christmas day's in a row.  Guess what I did in between?  I drank one to many beers is what I did.  Actually I wouldn't say I drank to many beers but I didn't have enough hours of sleep between the last beer and waking up!
   There's one thing I love to do.  That's cook!  There's also another thing I hate to do.  That's cleaning up my mess after cooking.  The last few years, my brother and I have done the main dish for Christmas.  That would be the turkey!  This year my beautiful mother wants me to hammer out a loin also.  So here I am the day of Xmas kicking back with no where to go and enjoying life.  I'm sitting back on the 25th of December drinking beer.  I've got to be really honest here.  I drink beer really well.  As does my little brother but he was at his inlaws this whole day.
   I guess I might have had one to many that day.  Infact I know I did.  I get up this morning to start the food and all I wanted to do was puke.  I know I know I know thats gross as fuck but shit happens!  Here's my story.  I get the food done.  My brother and I prepare what's needed.  We eat.  The next thing I know I'm sleeping for like 3 fucking days.  Is it me or am I getting old?  I want to thank all of my family on both sides for the nice Christmas!  If it weren't for you people there would be no me!  God bless ya'll and I love you!

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