Monday, December 27, 2010

College Football. It's time for a playoff format!

  I've said it time and time again.  I love the game of college football.  I'm a season ticket holder for 15 years at a major university.  I'm a booster for this team.  Along with great friends I've traveled all over this great country following them play football.  Wanna know why?  Because I love college football!
   The college I follow has a shit history for being good.  When "we're" lucky enough to get to a bowl game the family and I usually go.  We've been to Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Arizona. I have to admit though I declined to go to Idaho for a bowl game.  Who in their right mind wants to spend a winter day in fucking Idaho?
    Here's my rant for this evening.  I'm flipping channels tonight and notice that Toledo is playing Florida International University in the "Little Ceasars Bowl" located in Detroit, Michigan.  In the past week I've watched "The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsietta Bowl", "The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl" and "The Humanitarian Bowl", "The New Mexico Bowl", "The R+L Carriers Bowl", "The Beef O' Brady's Bowl" and "The Maaco Bowl Las Vegas".  What the fuck is happening to college football?  My lord some of these teams will have losing records after they lose their bowl games.
   Now here's where I get pissy.  There are 35 college football games this season.  There are 124 Division 1 college football teams.  (Soon to be 127)  That means that  70 teams made it to college football bowl games.  Thats means that 56% of all division 1 college football teams make it to a fucking bowl game!  
    When I was younger, you had at the very few bowl games.  Infact, in 1973 there were a total of 10 bowl games.  Here's where I'm getting frustrated.  We've got 35 bowl games (33 of them will be televised by ESPN!  Monopoly I hear you say?) and they don't mean shit.  Back in the day we used to only have a "Top 20" poll.  Now we've got a "Top 25" poll.  Are we trying to make average teams feel good?
   I think it's about time we go to a playoff system like the other divisions in college football do.  We've had a playoff system in Division II forever!  Same with Division III.  We have 6 super power BCS conferences.  The BIGXII, The Big10, The Big East, The Pac-10, The SEC, The ACC.  You also have The Mountain West, Conference USA, The Mac Conference and The Sun Belt Conference.  We can't forget the independents such as Navy, Army and Notre Dame.  (Soon to be, BYU)
   After doing some figuring and counting with my fingers and toes, I've come up with a total of 10 conferences and soon to be 4 independent teams.  This isn't rocket science assholes.  Let's get a playoff system going now!    We can make this a 12 team playoff system.  You take the champion of every conference and put them in the playoffs.  Thats 10 teams.  Then you take the top 2 independents and put them in the playoffs.  If by chance you have one independent with under a .500 winning percentage, you take the next best team out of the 10 conferences.
    You give the top 2 teams a "bye" the first week.  You take the next 10 and seed them.  Put them into bowl games.  The winners advance.  Simple so far.  Then it's time to take the top 2 teams and play them against the bottom 2 teams in the next round.  Do this with a bracket of seeds until you get to the national championship game.   If your in the first round of the playoffs and make it all the way to the championship game, you will have played 15 total games.
   If you think thats to many games played for a college team, then eliminate that 12th game on the schedule.  Turn back time and bring back the 11 game schedule we used to have.  Do not and i repeat have a conference championship game.  At the absolute most you will have played 16 games in one season.  Move the season up one week.  Start the season in middle August!  That way you can end your season in late January or early Feb.    Hell, play the NCAA Championship the week before the Super Bowl at the same site!  The host city would bring in hundreds of millions!
   If this system of using conference champions doesn't work for you, then we can use the "Top 25" rankings.  When it comes to the playoffs, take the "Top 25" and add the next best team or number "26" to the playoff system.    If this system or idea doesn't work for you, please feel free to make some comments.  This needs to be addressed now!  The shit we're using now isn't working nor will it ever work!  The 2010 season got lucky to have 2 undefeated teams in the championship game but on the outside is TCU looking in all kinds of pissed off!