Thursday, December 30, 2010

Restraining orders.

 Zeke and I got a kid who works for us.  We'll call him Jake for the purpose of this true story.  We hired Jake back in late June or early July.  I can't remember for sure.  There's a chance I don't give a shit.
   Jake's a nice kid and all but his work ethic is something to be desired.  I've got a feeling he could fuck up a wet dream.  He's into NASCAR, MMA and fucking fat chicks.  I guess if that's how you want to live, more power to ya!  I kind of like watching MMA.  I hate NASCAR and fucking fat chicks unless there is a keg of beer and a high dollar bet involved.
     His life evolves around being sneaky and taking the easy way out of life.  I catch him fucking up all the time and it's beginning to piss me off.  Water under the bridge I say.  I'll let him fuck up more before we fire him.  He'll either get his shit together or throw himself off of a bridge because he has no more chances in life.  For awhile now I've been telling him that he needs to get right with everyone.  With work, family and his girlfriend/wife.
    He's been bringing his woman's daughter to work sometimes to show her off.  Cute little girl and such.  He's also got a son with this woman.  Hell the little horny fucker has another child in another town.  Poor bastard is paying child support for that shit.  After getting on this sneaky lil fucks ass for awhile now, he's starting to get his shit together.  He's listening and making sure he's doing ok.
     About a month ago Jake comes up to me at work and asks for advice.  He tells me that his woman isn't coming home at night, she's been hanging out with a known whore around town. blah blah blah blah.  I bat my eyes and say... "kick the cunt to the curb.  He didn't.  She hung out with the whore some more and then finally kicked his ass to the curb.  
     It's been back and forth over the kids for the last few weeks.  He said, she said and all of that fucking bullshit.  I'm telling this stupid fucker to drop everything and get away from this cunt fast!  He tells me he is.  BULLSHIT!  This little cocksucker is texting her and telling he's going to poop fuck her dog then kill it.  Something like that I mean.
     The popo is called on him and he gets that stern lecture they seem to give to morons.  He tells them he's sorry.  They leave his ass alone.  I'd hate to see this kid go to jail or even worse prison.  His asshole would be bleeding for months on end.  He does have a pretty mouth though...
     He tells me of what happened when the police were called.  I tell him once again to get his shit together.  He says he will.  For two weeks he's been on his best behavior.  He's doing good at work.  I'm kind of starting to like this little fuck.  Then BAAAAAAAM!  Popo show's up at my work with a restraining order against his skinny ass.  Saying he's a threat to society and shit.  Along with some officers I know we tell him not to talk to this fat bitch.  Do not call this fat cunt.  Do not text this fat whore.  Leave well enough alone!
      Guess what happens?  He comes to work this morning and shows me his cell phone.  This dumb cunt has been texting him and he's not responding.  Now it's time to call the popo!   Enough of the bullshit that the guy is always the evil one.  I explain to him how a pussy will make him stupid enough to kill, steal and die for.  It's that this pussy he's used to smells funky and aint worth shit!  The cops get ahold of her and verbally rape her fat ass.  She lies.  The officer calls her names and tells she knows she's lying.  I'm laughing my ass off at this time.
       I have this great feeling down deep in my gut that come tomorrow I'll be hearing the latest of this classic saga.  Honestly, I can't wait.  Moral of the story.  Keep away from skanky fat welfare abusing cunts from hell!

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