Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is the SEC the new SWC?

  If you look at this picture to the left, you'll notice a quarterback scoring a touchdown.  That quarterback is your 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner from Auburn University, Cam Newton.
   Long before Newton went onto win college football's most famous trophy Newton played football at the University of Florida coached by Urban Meyer.  At Florida, Newton was accused of stealing a laptop computer and throwing out a dorm window.  The charges were later dropped.  (Makes me think here.)
  This is the university where Newton was caught cheating in classes and was to be brought up on charges by the university board.  That is till he all of a sudden quit and later transferred to a junior college in Texas.  After winning a juco National Championship, Newton opens up his recruiting to NCAA Div1 programs.
  It has been proven that Cam's father Cecil Newton was pimping his son out for "pay for play" to the highest bidder.  It has also been proven that Cecil Newton said the going rate for his son to play ball Mississippi State University was going to be between $100,000.00 to $180,000.00.
  Mississippi State refused.  It's then Cam Newton signed with Auburn University. Now here's my question.  What made Newton sign with Auburn?  Could the state of Alabama have more money then the state of Mississippi?  Most likely yes.  To be honest, there aint shit in Mississippi!
  Now back to Florida and Urban Meyer.  It has been said by people involved that Urban Meyer wanted the scandal to blow up huge on Cam Newton.  John Bond who was in the know of how Cecil Newton wanted money and later became a whistle blower.  He had a conference call with Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen and Florida coach Urban Meyer.  In this conference call Bond and Mullen called this a dead issue.  They wanted it to end.  NOT Meyer!  He wanted to let the world know!
  Theres a great chance he called New York Times reporter Peter Thamel to fill him in on the situation at hand.  It was Thamel who broke the story.  You Mr. Meyer are a piece of shit!  The other day you resigned.  Said you want to spend time with your family.  I call that bullshit!  Your only 46 years old.  You have PLENTY of coaching left in you.  Your an egomaniac.  You love the highlights!  You love having your name in papers and your face on t.v.  
  My gut feeling is that your scared shitless that your going to be investigated.  I hope this is true.  I have this feeling that this is the reason why you all of a fucking sudden decided to resign.  Once again Mr. Meyer your a piece of shit.  I pray to the Lord above that their is a HUGE investigation into the Florida program as well the Auburn program.  You need to be found guilty of cheating because everyone knows that's whats going on in the SEC.  This reminds me of the old SWC days. 
  Thats where you had 8 Texas schools and Arkansas.  It's been proven that everyone in that conference cheated and paid players with either money or some other form of payment.  Hell, Arkansas won a conference title with Lou Holtz as head coach.  Lou Holtz left every job he had right before it was investigated and found to have cheated.  
   I promise you, Urban Meyer will end up coaching college football within the next 2 years.  He's just waiting out his options.  He's got enough money to hang out for a season.  He'll be back and he'll be cheating once again!

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