Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adam Robinson is an idiot!

  I just finished watching one of the finest games of the 2010/2011 college football season.  I just finished watching the Iowa Hawkeyes defeat the Missouri Tigers.  Great game from start to finish.  I wish the son of a bitch would have went to overtime to be honest.  I didnt want it to end.
   I sat here tonight watching "true" freshman Marcus Coker tear up the Mizzou defense all night long as he ran for a career high in rushing yardage.  Damn nice game for the kid.  This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the nice guy sophomore running back Adam Robinson letting Coker play in his place.
   Wanna why Coker was playing?  Because Adam Robinson is a fucking idiot!  Moron, fuckhead, dumbcunt, shithead, retard!  Here's what happens when you sign a National Letter of Intent to play a sport for a major college.  For your signature, you get a free education, free housing, 3 square meals per day at "training table.  This contract you've signed is for between 4 and 6 years depending on certain things.  
    On the flip side, as an athlete you are supposed to represent your team and school with the utmost respect and making sure your an honorable rep for this establishment.  Adam Robinson was an "elite" all-state running back out of Des Moines, Iowa Lincoln High School.  He was doing things that other people only dreamed about while playing high school ball.  With his success, he was able to "obtain" a scholarship from the University of Iowa.
    This season as a sophomore, Robinson ran for 941 yards and 10 touchdowns.  Not to damn bad while missing a couple of games.  Here's where it gets kind of sticky for Mr. Robinson.  This dumb fuck decides to get sat down during a game for what the coach calls "academic indegestion".  Then after another player on the team gets busted for grass, cocaine and pills Mr. Robinson gets popped for a piss test he fails.  Uh oh!  No bowl game for you son!  Now Coker is playing in his place.
   Well while Adam is taking time off from the team because of his suspension, he decides to go back to Des Moines for the holiday's.  Bless his heart, he has family on his mind.  What a good son.  It seems that him and a friend are bored and decide to cruise the streets of Des Moines, Iowa.  OH MY LORD!  The POPO pulls the car over.  Why o why?  Stupid fucker driving didn't have a front license plate!  (Iowa state law says you have to have one.)  
   Then when Mr. State Trooper saunters up to the car he gets a wiff of something foul.  What was the foul smell you ask?  GRASS!  MARDIWANNA!  ALFALFA!   Fucking Robinson is arrested for possession of grass.  Now if I'm doing my math right, thats strike number 3 Adam!  
   If I'm you Adam, after I got out on bail I would have driven my stupid ass back to Iowa City and cleaned out my dorm room as soon as fucking possible.  Seems to me that your career is pretty much over for the Hawkeyes.  I'd look into finding a good drug recovery center to atleast make it look like your trying to clean your shit up.  I've got this sneaky feeling your scholarship will not be renewed anytime soon, so you better start looking for a school that will take you and your luggage.
   If Kirk Ferentz doesn't kick you off the team, I wan't to see his sorry ass fired for it.  I don't give a flying fuck if he just beat Missouri.  Grow some balls and man up Kirk.  Kick this puke off the team and move on.  As for you Adam, grow up and start being someone before I go through McDonald's drive through and notice you salting my french fries.

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  1. He is a Hawkeye! All Hawkeye Athletes are Idiots. That goes without saying!