Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The day of the chain gang! High School style.

  A few days ago my 14 year old daughter came home from her first year in high school telling a story of a mini-riot.  After talking to a few friends who work in the system I got the full story.  Come to find out there was a mini-riot.  Kids being pretty much fucking retarded.  Starting shit and not wanting to listen to authority.
   These kids were warned about something and they wouldn't listen.  So, one by one of the kids who was fucking up were told to go home that they were suspended.  Oh well, shit happens.  Then they get outside and start shit with some teachers and everything escalates!  To make this long story short, the police were called in to handle the situation.
   Now this isn't the first time the police have been called to the highschool this year.  I can read in the local paper anytime during the week and see some underage fuck getting arrested for petty shit.  These little bastards won't listen so it's time to pay the piper.  When my oldest daughter was in school, you might find an arrest record about every 3 to 4 months.  This shit going on now is getting pretty damn old real fast!
   My wife and I were talking about the events that happened at school and remembered our high school days.  We had a vice-principal who stood 6'4" tall and weighed most likely 300 pounds if not heavier.  We called him the "Warden".  His name was Curt and he was the most intimidating motherfucker you'd ever meet.  If you were a good kid with no problems, he was the nicest guy in the world.  If you were a fuck up with bad intentions, he'd fuck your world up faster then you could blink!
  "The Warden" would rule the halls each and everyday of the week.  He'd growl at you if you were running or just plain goofing off.  He'd come up and pat you on the back with is giant paw if you did something real good.  He knew how to play both sides of the emotion factor.  This I promise you... If there were to be a mini-riot, he'd be out there throwing kids all around the goddamn parking lot.  He took no shit!  He never once let anyone, man, woman or child disrespect the school he monitored.  He was tough but fair!
  "The Warden" was old school.  He believed in showing the back of the hand across the face as much as he did showing a hug to a deserving student.  Trust me when i say this.  He loved his students.  He just didn't like fuck ups!  What the kids of today need is a "Warden".  They need a man who will knock the living fuck out of you to get his point across.
   They need a man who will praise you when it's deserved.  They need a man who will throw you into a locker if your being a douche bag.  They need a man who will go to bat for you to make a point of how good your doing.  "The Warden" did that!  We don't need police showing up at our school 3 days a week if you have "The Warden" walking the halls.
   Here's to me hoping that sometime soon we get a "Warden" roaming the school's halls again.  It's seriously needed!  Another note.  "The Warden" has been retired for a bit now.  I see him about once a week.  He can tell me about the time I fucked up and he can on the other hand tell me about the time I did something special "The Warden" is a special man who should be never forgotten.  Maybe they can hire him for some consultations!

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