Saturday, November 13, 2010

That time of year.

  Here in the midwest it's that time of year for snow and bullshit weather.  The weather here can be from -20 degrees up to 65 degrees anytime of the year.   Last week here in my state it was over 65 degrees all week.  That is till I walked out of the house yesterday morning.  I walk out with no coat on.  Next thing you know my nipples are harder then fucking diamonds!
   "Holy shit" I scream!  I scramble my ass back in the house to get a coat.  I put the coat on and go to work.  On my way to work i notice that it's spitting rain.  Now I'm pissed.  I look at my thermometer and notice that the temp is 36 degrees.  Now I'm pissed off more!
  Here's where I get pissy during the year.  I love spring, fall and summer.  I personally hate WINTER!  If I'd have my choice, my beautiful wife and I would be moving within the next few years to either Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina or Tennesee.  The south is where it's at!  If by chance, they have shitty weather I'm used to it and will doing ok with it.
     Now for my personal request of all of my friends during this bitch weather.  Be careful.  If the weather dictates, drive slow.  If the weather dictates for you to stay home, STAY home.  If the weather dictates you to drive to the store and grab tons of beer,then drive to the store and get some fucking beer!  Otherwise if the weather is a bitch, DRIVE BACKWARDS!  THAT WAY YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOUR GOING TO HIT!

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