Monday, November 15, 2010

Fake Boobs?

I'm sitting here drinking beer and watching HBO.  I've been listening to a college basketball game on the net and surfing the net.  Next thing you know I look at the t.v. and i see the biggest boobs I think I've ever seen.  
  Now I've got to be honest here.  I'm a male over 21 years old.  I've got urges and all that shit but tits have never done anything for me.  A finely tuned ass gets me everytime.  Now if we can make fake asses, then I'd be interested.
   My question is... What the fuck has tits ever done for us besides create wars?  In my opinion, absolutely nothing.  Now if I meet some hot chick with a re-designed pussy call me!  Who really gives a shit about silicone titties?  NOT me!  What have silicone titties ever really done for anyone?  I know that they are bigger then most.  They don't hang down to the gal's knees.  I know that they will be firm as fuck till that lady is dead.  My biggest problem is this..... Do men not understand that titties won't do them any good at all?  Tits are nothing but a milk supply and something to practice your boxing skills with.  
    My beautiful wife of 23 years has one set of nice tits.  The problem is that I never EVER bother her about her tits.  To me they are taboo untill she tells me to hammer on them.  IF and when she does, then I need to get busy.  According to my couch, I got busy once to many times with her.  (Can I please sleep back in the bed?)
    The neigbor down the street has tits that hang down to her knees.  Is that sexy?  FUCK NO IT ISN'T!  I hear she has a tight pussy though!  Do not respect her for the saggy boobs or respect her for the sweet pussy?  In my opinion, always respect the pussy!  I know a gal who has no tits at all.  They are like bumble bee bites.  But I hear she has that pussy that will make a grown man cry.  Her pussy can make your cock cum in 14 different languages.  Do I disrespect her because she has no tits or fuck the shit out of her?  I say hammer that pussy till it cums oil!
     Last but not least my friends..... If you find a nice set of tits to play with, then play with them.  If you find a nice set of tits and a sweet pussy, make the right choice!  

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