Saturday, November 27, 2010

Remembering the 80's in a small town!

  Remember back in the day?  You know.  When you were younger.  Back when life was free.  Times were perfectly fine.  Times when we as kids didn't have to worry about jack diddly shit!  Those were the days! 
  I'm remembering shit for a reason.  I have a kid that works for me that's like 17 years old.  He's talking about his weekends and much fun they were.  This got me to thinking about when I was his age.  This kid is talking about how he went to some school dance and such.  He took his date to Dairy Queen for a bite to eat.  He finished his date and took her home.  My lord this kid leads a sheltered life!  
   I'm a dude who grew up in the 80's.  We had a good time even though there was a gas crunch.  There was a small depression.  There was a chance of nuclear war with the Soviet Union.  There was all sorts of bad shit going on but my lord we were having fun!
   The one thing I really remember was video arcades.  You could go into an arcade with $10.00 dollars and stay there for hours on end!  We could get a soda pop for .35 cents.  We could go to McDonalds and buy a Big Mac for less then a dollar.  We could put $10.00 dollars in a gas tank and cruise all night long.
  The best part of growing up in the 80's was the freedom!  In a small town we didn't worry about people being mean to us.  If by chance some fuck from another town wanted to come in and start shit, everyone would take him/her on.  It didn't matter if you were friends or enemies with someone.  We always had each other's backs.  We actually cared about our school mates.
   We had parties at each other's houses.  My lord we'd drink beer.  It didn't matter if you were the cool kid or the biggest fucking nerd in the school.  You were at that party!  Sometimes if you were lucky, you'd get a chick to make out with you.  We didn't have to worry about disease's.  We just did our thing.  
   Sometimes with a girl you'd be able to fingerbang her.  You'd be getting stupid and wondering what the fuck was going on when her pussy got so wet.  We were retarded!  We had no idea she was actually liking it!  On a good night you might get a hand job or even better a blowjob.  NOW thats living for a 17 year old kid!  
   We'd all meet at a house and sit around and drink beer.  We'd hang out and make fun of people till they passed out.  Then it was time to piss on them.  I know thats wrong but it happens and when it happened, it was funny as fuck!  Chicks usually for some reason always spilled beer on themselves.  Of course, we'd take them to our bedrooms so they could borrow our clothes.  Instead of leaving the room, they'd want to talk and such.  Next thing you know they'd be naked as fuck putting on your underwear.  Jesus I can't believe I survived!
    What I find funny is, that so many kids had girlfriends/boyfriends and were going "steady".  You look at that shit 25 years later and i laugh my fucking ass off!  We'll say that you had 20 "couples" back then.  All 20 got married.  Now 25 years later you might have 4 couples still together.  I'm laughing like a motherfucker about this!
   That was then.... This is now.  Today you have music like Bruno Mars.  You have Three Doors Down, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Theory of a Deadman and such.  In our day, you had John "Cougar" Mellencamp, Duran Duran, Bruce Springsteen, Motley Crue and countless others!
  In our day, music meant something.  Today it's pretty much garbage unless your listening to Eminem.  Everything else pretty much makes me want to puke.  Unless it's Katy Perry because she's got nice tits!
   On the down note.  Remember people.  We who lived in the 80's had fun.  We drank beer.  We smoked pot.  We fucked like rabbits!  We did it all!  We are no different then today except our girls had some hair on their pussy's.  IT wasn't like the 70's where all pussy's had a garden growing.  Women of the 80's kept that shit under control.  When I say under control I don't mean bald like today.  I mean she trimmed it nice and neat for easy access!  Thats the 80's!  Lord knows I miss them days!  Lord I miss playing Centipide!  Lord I miss buying a case of beer for $4.00 dollars!  I sure miss the 80's!


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