Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The life of an outdoor power equipment salesman.

  If you don't know what I do for a living besides being an international blogger, I supplement my income by selling outdoor power equipment.  It's a fun job with some great perks.  I get to travel at times.  I get to meet plenty of really cool people.  I get satisfied knowing that I've made a customer happy with their purchase involving me.
   I sell anything from residential lawn mowers to the most powerful commercial lawn mowers going today.  I also sell chainsaws, weedeaters, lawnblowers, gutterblowers and other assorted outdoor power equipment.  
  Now that the season's have changed, it's time to bring out the heavy duty winter equipment.  I've got "throwers" for tractor style mowers.  I've got snow brooms for people with small walkways.  Then I've got snowblowers to offer to the people who need them.  Most people in this day and age hate shoveling snow.  They "him and haw" over what to buy.  Thats where I come into play.
   I've got knowledge on what they need and how to use it.  My goal isn't to make them buy the most expensive.  My goal is to make them buy what is best for them.  Now back to my story.  I'm sitting in the store today when to lovely ladies between the ages of 30 and 45 years old come in.  They are being silly.
   They ask me to give them information about the snowblowers that I am offering.  I proceed to go into my speel and start to lay it on thick.  Then one gal looks to the other and says... "Look at how large that shaft is!"  They giggle.  I stare blankly.  Then one says to the other.  "look how its kind of bent for a better angle"  Once again I stare blankly.
    About this time the two bimbo's are getting fucking stupid.  I try to show them how to angle the blower shaft and they start to laugh outloud.  Once again I stare blankly.  I proceed to tell them about the horse power of the engine and how it can plow anything in it's way.  They once again giggle.
   Now I'm onto their games.  I tell them how if you angle the shaft and drive it home you can explode like no others.  I then tell them if you go slow and take it nice and easy you can make this enjoyable for all.  I tell them how If you drive it home and don't stop it will be messy as fuck but well worth it!  Once again they both giggle.  I'm thinking is their way of getting out and being sexy?
    After bending over and flirting a little more they proceed to buy one snowblower and the gal says she'll be back tomorrow.  Do I throw in some more flirting or let them act a fool?

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