Sunday, November 28, 2010

What ever happened to Osama Bin Laden?

September 11th 2001 was the greatest tragedy in United States history.  The mastermind behind the attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York City was Osama Bin Laden.  After these attacks, all we heard about was how Bin Laden was the beast behind the deaths of over 3,000 innocent people.
  This is a man who claimed responsibility for attempting to bomb U.S. soldiers in Yemen.  Then a year later he attacked U.S. troops in Somalia.  How come we didn't kick this fuckers ass back in 1992 and or 1993?  Next thing you know this crazy fucker tries to bomb the World Trade Center with a car bomb.  
   As I mentioned before all we heard on 2001 was how we need to get Bin Laden.  How he's wanted "dead or alive".  How he is public enemy #1!  Next thing you know George W. Bush decides that the United States needs to go into an unjust war against Iraq and Saddam Hussain.
  Next thing you know we kind of looking for Bin Laden.  He's out running around playing hide and seek in Afghanistan or Pakistan.  Mean while we as a country are invading Iraq hell bent to kick Hussain's ass.  What the fuck happened to Bin Laden?
  Now we are working on 10 years of an unjust war in Iraq.  President Obama has decided to pull out troops as fast as he can.  We were able to capture Hussain and have him executed for war crimes.  Hmmmm.  Where the fuck is Bin Laden?  Did he build a "time machine" and decide to go ahead in time? Did he decide to go back in time?
  With all of our talents as the leader of the free world, why can't we use all of our power and find this rascilly rabbit?  It can't be that fucking hard to find him.  I know I know I know he's sitting in some goddamn cave in the mountains.  Wanna know the solution?  BOMB THE FUCKING CAVES!
   Send some missile's into all of the caves till some pussy comes running out telling us where this cocksucker is!  Get all of our fucking troops out of Iraq now and send twice as many into Afghanistan or Packistan now!  This isn't rocket science people.  Smoke this cunt out of his fucking cave and execute him on television for the world to see.
  We as a free country along with our allie's need to get this done now.  Do not let this piece of shit die of natural causes.  Execute him and all of his douchebag cronies as the entire world watches!

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