Monday, November 1, 2010

Hawkeye Cheating Scandal!

  It has been revealed by the Des Moines Register that the University of Iowa basketball team has informed the NCAA about some possible recruiting violations.  According to the report, Hawkeye recruits were seen on the sidelines of a football game taking pictures with Hollywood stars Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.
  Also reported was that recruits were talking to former Hawkeye basketball players.  I guess according to the NCAA that recruits can't socialize with former university athletes.  I don't get this shit one bit.  With socializing, it was with former terrible athletes.  Who gives a fuck!  What the hell are these  former athletes going to do?  Show these kids how to play basketball?  How the hell are they going to do that when they sucked ass on the court?
   Now to the real treason.  Who gives a flying fuck if Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore is on the sidelines?  I sure in the hell don't care!  What the fuck are Ashton and Demi going to do with a recruit thats going to sway his decision of where to go?  Ashton (Christopher) Kutcher was born in Iowa and all that shit.  He went to the University of Iowa for a bit.  He was discovered and started modeling.
   After doing some modeling, he was discovered once again and started acting in the comedy "That 70's Show."  He did great for a bit.  Nothing that would sway a fucking recruit though.   He gets a bit more famous and starts banging the hottie Demi Moore.  Hell I think her goddamn titties are younger then the recruits being questioned!
   Whats she going to do to sway a recruit?  Make them watch "G.I.Jane over and over?  Is she going to autograph a dvd cover of "Striptease" for them?  Who the fuck cares?!?!?!?!?   Let them enjoy the game and have some fun taking pictures with some fans.
    It's time for the NCAA to back off of some of their rules.  Life is to short to fuck with people all the time!

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