Friday, November 26, 2010

The Heisman race is officially over.

  Theres an award that is given out annually to the nations top football player.  It's named after successful college coach John W. Heisman.  The 2010 college football season has been an exciting one to watch.  As I'm writing this, there are 4 undefeated teams left to work for a National Championship.
  I was fortunate to have today off from work so I was able to watch some really good football.  It started out with Auburn vs. Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  This is a rivalry that dates over 100 years ago.  You had Colorado vs. Nebraska in the BIGXII playing for the North title.
   You had Arizona at Oregon.  You had Nevada vs. Boise State.  Three of these teams are undefeated going into today.  Auburn is ranked #2 in the nation.  Oregon is ranked #1.  Boise State is ranked #4.  I've watched all three games today/tonight.  Three great teams with outstanding personnel.
   I watched as Oregon overcame a testy Arizona team and went on to kick some ass.  LeMicheal James will be a great NFL runningback someday.  This kid is the real deal!  He's a legitimate Heisman candidate.  Plus Oregon has some of the coolest uniforms in the world!  I watched as Kellen Moore dismantled Nevada.  Another true Heisman candidate.  This kid will someday be a great NFL quarterback.  He's destined for fame.
  Now to the Auburn vs. Alabama game.  Alabama was last season's National Champion.  They have last years Heisman winner in Mark Ingram.  They have tradition that can only be matched by few.  They are the Crimson Tide.  In this game, Bama started out quick and never looked back.  That is till Cam Newton woke up.  The Tide started out 24 to 0 and looked to be knocking off the #2 team in the nation easily.  Mark Ingram was tearing up Auburns defense every chance he got.  He was there to show he still had the skills that made him last years Heisman winner.  That is.... Till Cam Newton woke up.
  I've been a big Cam Newton fan all year and today's showing makes me think I was right all year long.  At 6'5" and 240lbs he is a man.  Match that size with speed and smarts and you have one of the greatest college quarterbacks to ever play the game.  I'm serious as fuck when I say this.  At my age, I've seen a shitload of college quarterbacks.  Either live or on t.v.  This kid is the shit!
  I sat here and watched his man single handedly bring Auburn back from the jaws of defeat and beat Alabama.  This kid either ran or threw for every touchdown scored today.  He has passed for over 2,300 yards and ran for another 1,100.  He's a fucking machine!
   Now Cam has some baggage with him.  He's in the middle of a controversy with his father wanting atleast $180,000 dollars for him to play at Mississippi State University.  I guess Auburn paid more.  Who knows?  The only thing I know is that he's eligible to play and that's what counts!  If I'm a head coach somewhere all I know is I'm taking my empty beer cans to the local redemption center and giving this motherfucker every dime I made.  He's that goddamn good!
  If he needs a house.  Guess what?  The sumbitch has a new house.  If he needs a car, guess what?  This fucker is riding in the nicest Mercedes Benz money can buy.  Hell I'd have my wife blow him everyday till he graduates if that's what it takes!  This young man is simply the greatest quarterback to ever play the college game.  Fuck Tim Tebow!  He couldnt hold Cam Newton's jock.  He might pray over it but he couldnt hold it let along wear it.
  I've sent my information to the Heisman Trust and let them know I'm voting for Cam Newton.  If they actually use my vote that would be awsome.  I've got this feeling that some smug fuck isn't counting mine though. Fuck him!  I'm more of a fan then any of them stuffed suit wearing cocksucking voters are!
  I'm letting you know now it doesn't matter what happens next week in the SEC Championship game.  This kid wins the Heisman unless he's proven guilty of fucking the dean of student's poodle.  This kid has game and will go down as the greatest qb ever in the college game.  Don't look for him to be back at Auburn next season so enjoy it now sports fans!

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