Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baggy Pants

  Today I've got the day off from work.  I'm starting a 4 day mini vacation over the thanksgiving weekend.  I'm looking forward to having a few days off to hang out with family and friends.  The beautiful wife of mine and I go out for lunch.  We enjoy ourselves before we have to go and pick up the youngest daughter from school.
   We finish our lunch and head to the school to pick her up.  The kids are getting out 2 hours early to start off the 4 day weekend for them.  We pull up to the school and begin our trek through the parking lot to the front of the school to pick the kid of ours up.  Along our way, we notice all the kids dispersing from the front of the school.  Seems to me all of them are excited about the few days off.  Good for them I think.
  Then the wife and I notice these two walking peckergnats cutting in front of our car.  First of all that pisses me off for the way they cut in front of us.  Thats not the half of it though.  I look at these two jacktwats and notice that their fucking pants are half way down the back of their asses.  Now I'm thinking.. Do these two bitches think thats cool as fuck?  Can't they afford a goddamn belt?  Are they just plain ass fucking retarded?
   It was brought to my attention that  few fuckheads were suspended from school yesterday for dressing in girls clothes.  Now heres my next question.  You can suspend a douchebag for wearing some goddamn bows in their hair and wearing a few girly t-shirts but you can't suspend some idiot for wearing pants down to his fucking ankles and showing me their shit stained boxers?
   That's the pot calling the kettle black motherfuckers!  Get your shit straight now.  You need to take these little parasites of society and make them wear their goddamn clothes right!  If you can take some idiot "tweener" wearing a bow in his hair and suspend him then you can take these fucking morons and get it right.
   Now to my bitch about these kid's parents.  Who's the fucking moron that let's their kids dress like this?  Someone needs to walk up to these parents and punch them right in the cocksucker!  (thats the mouth people)  Oh thats right.  The parent is probably some crack smoking cock sucking single mother who's husband has left her for some fat chick from last summers town carnival. Well if that's true, you need kicked in the twat and sent packing your way to Alabama!
   It's time for a dress code at the school.  I know I know I know theres already one in place.  Well you douches running the school board pull your heads out of your asses and fucking enforce it!  If you can't enforce it, then hire the right people to enforce it!  This isn't rocket science morons!  Make the little cunts pull their goddamn pants up!
   To the idiots wearing their pants like this.....  Don't be a fucking moron.  Pull your goddamn pants up and try to be someone in society.  If you don't, theres a good chance I'll be reading about your dumb asses in the next few years about how your going to prison for trying to steal lottery tickets.  You have two options fuck heads. Pull up the pants or plan on getting your easy access'd ass fucked from behind in prison for a good 2 to 7 years.

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