Monday, November 22, 2010


  Today I was reading some materials about life.  In these articles, they referred to Jesus Of Nazareth.  Jesus the son of God.  Jesus the son of a virgin mother named Mary.  According to the Gospel, you got alot of things when you dealt with Jesus.  You got truth, healing, love, faith, sincerity and last but not least forgiveness.
   Jesus tried to teach us all about being one with God.  I can understand that.  I hope I understand that.  I know I try each and everyday trying to live the right life that God wants.  I've tried to teach my children the word of God and his wisdom.
   The one thing I took notice when researching Jesus was his offering of forgiveness for people who have sinned against God.  Thats a humble trait that I admire.   So after some soul searching I've decided that I might need to start forgiving people who have sinned against me.  Trust me when I say this.  I'm trying.  I'm trying damn hard.  Don't give up on me because I'm going to give it my best my friends!
   To the young dude who cut me off in traffic yesterday.  I forgive you.  To the person who fucked up my order at the cafe.  I forgive you.  To the lady who stole my parking spot at the mall.  I forgive you.  To my 9th grade history teacher who flunked me.  I forgive you.  To Iowa State University coach Larry Eustachy.  I forgive you for getting drunk and trying to fuck college girls.
   To the motherfucker who broke my glasses in 3rd grade, I forgive you.  To my mother and father for not getting me the G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip for Xmas when I was 10 years old.  I forgive you.  I might forgive Mom but I never forget!  To LeBron James for leaving Cleveland and going to Miami, I forgive you.  To the Dallas Cowboys for firing Wade Phillips.. I could care less.  Wade Phillips is a fucking joke anyway.
   To the Grinch who stole Christmas.  I forgive you.  To Ivan Drago who accidently killed Appolo Creed in the Rocky series, I'm having a hard time doing this but I forgive you also.  To Mr. Levine who smacked me around in high school.  I'll forgive you for now but if I ever see you, I will kick your 87 year old ass!
  To Yoko Ono who broke up the Beatles.  I forgive you.  To Mark David Chapman who murdered John Lennon, I'm still working on forgiving you.  To the bitch who came into where I worked and complained about everything but how her pussy smelled.  I guess I can forgive you.
   To George W. Bush.  Your a fucking retard so I guess I can try and forgive you.  If by chance I can't forgive you George, I'm sorry.  To the rat fuck who burns an American Flag, theres a good chance I can't forgive you.  To the punk who sells drugs to the kids of the world I refuse to forgive you.  To the BCS Football pundits out there I forgive you for thinking this is the right way to find a "true" National Champion in college football.
   Last but not least on my forgiveness list:  Justin Bieber.... Fuck you!  Your nothing but a girl dressed like a fucking boy trying to make in the real world of music.  Your a shit talent that makes my stomach turn!  You won 3 AMA awards last night and I almost puked over it.  Then I realized that it's voted on by the fans.  You little fuck had 3 gabillion 13 year old girls voting for you and nothing more.  Your a mindless little fuck who can suck my cock.  For you, no FORGIVENESS!

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