Saturday, November 20, 2010

A College Party! (For the females!)

  I've been to college.  I've been to class.  I've been to study sessions.  I've made sure all of my classes were taken care of.  I've been to college parties!
College parties are a different breed for colleges.  Parents dread them.  Infact, parents are scared of them.  Wanna know what?  Parties are going to happen!  For all of you parents out there, get used to them.  It's a part of growing up!
   I've got a daughter going to college right now and I pray she's reading this.  Parties are o.k. if everything is going great.  My concern is the fucktards who think they are cool and will fuck any drunk or high girl around.  I want to call these tools douchebag's!
   Being at a party is one thing.  Being a party favor is another!  So listen up ladies!  It's ok to go to the party.  Just go in groups.  When I say group, I mean more then 2.  By chance little susie home maker gets a little tipsy you have two others to tell her no sucking cock tonight and it's time to get home!
   Make sure you leave all valuable's in the car!  You should never EVER take your purse into a party!  Most knuckleheads will go through your purse in a fucking heartbeat.  They will pull out shit that even your grandma doesn't even wanna see!
  Never drink more then you can handle!  I know I'm blowing smoke up most people's asses here but I'm trying to help!  For every five people who go to a party, one will end up getting stupid as fuck!  Thats where the friends come in!  Do NOT let them go home with anyone!  College men are stupid as all get out!  They will do anything to get laid!  They will put pills(roofies) in your drink and not think twice about it!  College dudes dont give a fuck who you are or who you think you are!  All they want it PUSSY!
   College dudes will knock the fuck out of each other for a chance to fuck someone.  College dudes think they are the shit!  Problem is.... College chicks could rule the world if they wanted!  All I ask is that college chicks be careful!  Be an asshole if you need girls!  DO NOT let some fuck try and take advantage of you!  Be your own person and make sure you have boundries!  The hell with these fucktards!  Look for a man who will make you happy.  Look for a man who will take care of you!  Look for a man who will treat you fair and treat you like a true lady!
     All College Men are fucktards!!!  Listen up when I say this.... I've been a College Man!  I've lived the life ladies!  Pussy and blowjobs is all they want!  Be careful girls!

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