Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh So Close!

  Yesterday, one of the greatest days in college football happened!  You had Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas knocking off off Colorado in one the wildest games ever.  You had Iowa escaping Indiana.  You had other teams falling left and right.
  Then you had Iowa State almost being the miracle child of college football.  ISU has already knocked off Texas and Texas Tech.  They should have beat Kansas State but fell short.  Then yesterday in Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa they fell short again.
  Nebraska was ahead by 17 going into the 4th quarter.  Next thing you know ISU comes back to tie it.  God bless the CLONES!  We go to overtime and Nebraska scores early.  Now it's the Clones turn.  They score.  now it's time for the PAT.  ISU decides to fake the pat and go for two points.  One word for the attempt.  FAILURE.  It happens!  God bless Paul Rhodes and the Clones for trying it.
  You wont see many coaches do it.  What did the Clones have to lose?  NOT a goddamn thing!  If they score the PAT it's the biggest win in ISU history!  I've got friends telling me that ISU fucked themselves for the bowl season.  Wanna know what I say?  I say fuck you!  Its a grand decision!  Its worth the wait!  Its worth the risk!  Its worth the chance!  If ISU does it, its the greatest thing ever!  Since they didnt, its the greatest decision ever!  Nice try Paul Rhodes!  Thank you for being gutsy!  Thank you for having balls!!! JUST thank you!

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