Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama a communist?

  I'm going to be honest here.  For years I was a strong democrat.  The older I get, the more my views have changed.  Am I a republican?  NO!  I'm more of an independent with views for both sides of the political fence.
  I try to take in all reviews of what is going on in the political world each and every day.  If we don't, then we have no reason to bitch!  I can honestly say that I read between 2 and4 papers per day.  I surf many political websites each and every day.  I think I have knowledge of all politics.  If I don't, please let me know.
   Now to my rant.  We have all  of these republican fucks claiming that Obama isn't an American citizen.  Infact, he is!  To the left I have a copy of his birth certificate.  People think he's a muslim because his father was a muslim.  NOT TRUE.  Obama was raised a christian by his mother and her family since his father wasn't around.  
     After being born in Hawaii, Obama was raised in Chicago, Illinios by his mother and his grandparents.  Growing up Obama lived life as a normal child.  He loved the arts, athletics and other things that any child would love.  It has been written that Obama started following the teachings of a man name Saul Alinsky.  He supposedly tried to form a party based on communism.  Hmmmm... Communism is based on a dictatorship like a Fidel Castro or even better Adolph Hitler.  Wanna know what religion Alinsky is?  He was a jew!  The farthest thing from a communist as it gets!
   Hilary Clinton wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky.  It was 92 pages of telling how Alinsky wanted a revolution.  A revolution of change in society!  Not a fucking communist government!  I've been getting so much fucking propaganda saying that Obama wants nothing but a communist society for America he can taste it.  NO!  It's not true!  They are saying our current recession is based on his presidency..  If you believe that people your a fucking idiot!
   Our current recession is based on a war full of lies by George W. Bush!  He invaded a country on the premise that it had weapons of mass destruction.  He invaded Iraq while his advisors told him not to.  They had no proof there was weapons of mass destruction.  Now thats a smart fucking move Geo!  You sir a fucktard!
   Now has Obama fucked up in his share of shit?  Hell yes he has.  He's been to slow to get us out of a wrong war.  He's getting there though.  He'll get it straight.  I just hope it's not to late.  He's been slow to help in other facets of his rein of the free world.  Does he need to straighten his shit up?  Fuck yes he does!
   My basic rant is...... Don't blame this man for George W. Bush's fuck ups!  We should have never went to war in Iraq after 9/11.  We should have went straight to Afghanistan and kicked some major ass there. I read two days ago that Obama who is going on a trip to other countries to make some major business deals.  This supposed trip is going to cost $120 million per day. WRONG motherfuckers!  The war is costing us $118 million per day.  His trip will cost $2million.  Don't blame this poor motherfucker about the other $118million. It's not his fault.  Once again blame George W. Bush!
    My rant is to let people know that we need to make a difference.  Use your voting power.  Use your communication with people of influence.  Do NOT go around making false accusations!  Get the facts straight!

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